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What is Kapasitor?

What is Kapasitor?

Kapasitor is derived from Malay word which means capacitor. Capacitor is an electrical device that can store energy in the electric field between a pair of closely spaced conductors (called 'plates'). Capacitors are used in electrical circuits as energy-storage devices.

What is Kapasitor.net?

A Community
Kapasitor.net helps writers share their literature pieces to the rest of the world through online publishing and allow readers to learn about different cultures through reading and understanding others’ culture. Refine writers’ work for improvements and better ideas based on market demands. Kapasitor.net also serves as a community for future writers to write materials based on current market demands. Comments and ratings given by the community (that would be you) help writers’ understand the current available market to produce marketable materials.

A Platform
Kapasitor.net serves as a platform whereby community help shape better writers using various channels, namely comments, reviews, rating and virtual fan base. This allows writers and fans communicate via shoutbox, comments and even messages which comes free with every registration. This fosters better and stronger relationship for readers and writers and even allows exchange of ideas.

A Talent Factory
Some people do not realize the talents that they have. Kapasitor.net gives the opportunity to everyone to just loose themselves and write regardless of color, race and location. Kapasitor.net helps to boost writers’ confidence by offering them a ready-made group of loyal visitors. From here, writers are able to gather their own fans and thus, from there, will help them to boost their confidence level and produce articles with higher quality.

A Future
Upgrade and improve kapasitor.net based on visitors’ feedback to enable more desirable environment to navigate in. Kapasitor.net believes in serving what most needed by visitors rather than what we desire most. Help talented people come out from hiding and release their talents in other fields like comic, videos and sports.

A Service
To see how we serve the community, here are the remarkable additional services we offer:

1) Kapasitor Widget; Flash based literature sharing add-on in webpages

2) Prasasti; Our monthly based e-magazine


3) My.Kapasitor; Our personalize profile page for members


4) xr.Kapasitor; Our research and development team



Kapasitor is:
i. For the beginners who are really starting to write, a trial-and-error kind of writing.
ii. For those who have been writing for quite sometime but do not have the courage before this to share it with others.
iii. For professionals as well as experienced writers who want to try something new and just write anything that they want for a while.
iv. For those who would like to read something new and fresh as well as gain benefit from reading straight from the screen.
v. For those who support the correct usage of language, writing out of kindness and trying to get a foothold in writing.

Contact us
Karyamedia Enterprise,
3-2-16 Jalan Pekaka 8/7, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

web: http://www.kapasitor.net
Email webmaster@kapasitor.net

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