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Kapasitor's Code of Ethics

1. Original Content.

Your writings must be original, not copied and paste from other source. Copied materials will be removed from the system upon notification. If you get your writing material from another source, PLEASE quote or give the original wirter a credit.

2 . No racism.

Your writings must not have any elements of racism. We live in a peaceful environment and therefore we will not let anyone jeopardize the peace.

3. No extreme politics.

Your writings must not have any extreme elements of politics. Kapasitor is a free community aimed to help people. Therefore, we do not want Kapasitor to be influenced by any pro-government or pro-opposition parties.

4. No extreme religious elements.

Your writings must not have any extreme religious elements.

5. No extreme sexual content.

If you want to read or write sexual writings, Kapasitor is not the right place for you.

6. No extreme cursing.

There are so many ways in coveying you feelings. Behave professionally and let us live in a polite comunity.

*The Kapasitor Team has the rights to modify or remove any contents here in Kapasitor without prior notice to the writer if the content violates the Code of Ethics.

Kapasitor is:
i. For the beginners who are really starting to write, a trial-and-error kind of writing.
ii. For those who have been writing for quite sometime but do not have the courage before this to share it with others.
iii. For professionals as well as experienced writers who want to try something new and just write anything that they want for a while.
iv. For those who would like to read something new and fresh as well as gain benefit from reading straight from the screen.
v. For those who support the correct usage of language, writing out of kindness and trying to get a foothold in writing.

Contact us
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web: http://www.kapasitor.net
Email webmaster@kapasitor.net

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