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Why would we put our advertisement in Kapasitor?

We are a growing community targeting on teenagers throughout Asian countries. As we are getting matured in community building, more creative contents will be added to attract more diverse audiences. Contact our marketing team and let us help you on your next marketing campaign.

Why would we use Kapasitor for our web?

Kapasitor is powered by JoCMS with a user-friendly interface even for first time user. If you plan to build your own community or replacing your control panel of your web with something simple and easy to use, JoCMS could be your next alternative.

Why would we consult Kapasitor for web development?

We are a group of energetic teens who are bright and humorous. Each of us have our own specialty in web development. We are pleased to knock your office's door and start our discussion on how to improve your web.

Is there any reasons why we should contact Kapasitor?

If you have something to say, criticize, report, suggest or what-so-ever, feel free to send us an email.

How to reach kapasitor?

1. If you have questions regarding Prasasti, email us at editor@kapasitor.net

2. If you have questions regarding Kapasitor website, email us at webmaster@kapasitor.net

3. If you have questions regarding business oppurtunities, email us at sales@kapasitor.net

4. If you want to help us on language translation, email us at johari@kapasitor.net 

Kapasitor is:
i. For the beginners who are really starting to write, a trial-and-error kind of writing.
ii. For those who have been writing for quite sometime but do not have the courage before this to share it with others.
iii. For professionals as well as experienced writers who want to try something new and just write anything that they want for a while.
iv. For those who would like to read something new and fresh as well as gain benefit from reading straight from the screen.
v. For those who support the correct usage of language, writing out of kindness and trying to get a foothold in writing.

Contact us
Karyamedia Enterprise,
3-2-16 Jalan Pekaka 8/7, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

web: http://www.kapasitor.net
Email webmaster@kapasitor.net

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