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History of Kapasitor

Kapasitor began in early 2001 when the founder was in 2nd year in MMU. At that time, Kapasitor was just an intranet webserver hosted game statistics, illegal materials, bizarre stuff and a few flash animations which he drew by himself.

When blogging started to penetrate students of MMU in 2004, he began to write a piece call Aku Budak Setan: Nazihah and was hitting MMU and UTP at the time.

When the founder was tired of playing real-time strategy games called Warcraft 3, Starcraft and a few role-playing games, he got the idea of building a community. His first attempt was Webserver Komplen (Web for complaints) during his final year while doing his final year project. This project had made some controversial issues with the SRC of MMU that time and he was forced to stop.

As he was sort of addictive to programming (after he realized that pro-gaming has no future for him), he began to write his own system called JoCMS using his experience in doing freelance jobs. Combining his blog and his JoCMS, Kapasitor was then migrated from intranet into internet. And when he decided to open up Kapasitor to public writers, Fazmin came and help him out on design part.

Now, after 3 years of building the community, he decided to add more people to help him out. Kapasitor v3.0 (which is in beta), spread the wings with the launch of English section and started to target more traffic from bigger audience. More services were added into the Kapasitor v3.0 with introduction of My.Kapasitor and podcast.

In March 2007, the first issue of Prasasti was released to public in Acrobat Reader format, thanks to Snubnosse who is the Editor of Prasasti.

Kapasitor is:
i. For the beginners who are really starting to write, a trial-and-error kind of writing.
ii. For those who have been writing for quite sometime but do not have the courage before this to share it with others.
iii. For professionals as well as experienced writers who want to try something new and just write anything that they want for a while.
iv. For those who would like to read something new and fresh as well as gain benefit from reading straight from the screen.
v. For those who support the correct usage of language, writing out of kindness and trying to get a foothold in writing.

Contact us
Karyamedia Enterprise,
3-2-16 Jalan Pekaka 8/7, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

web: http://www.kapasitor.net
Email webmaster@kapasitor.net

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