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Y Must Sports Association Led by Politician?


Kind of lapuk already this issue. Selangor FC manager and his assistant quits to give way to new person to takes charge. It happens due to the victory by coaliton pack during the last election. Its constitution said that whoever becomes the MB is automatically becomes the FAS President.So they think the best thing to do is resign..bullshit.

I don't mind that. What i do mind is that let say if the current manager doing a good job. Why must he quits? Just continue even tough the BN or Opp wins (I don't really take note about the football happenings in malaysia since like what..10-15 years ago? So is Datuk Satim Diman good, can't really comment on that). This is just the closest example i can get. But i know now that this FC got their new manager already. And yesterday lost 3-0 to N Sembilan. What a shame!!

I'm not a football fan but i love sports. The sports administration in malaysia is controlled by politician. Lots of sports association led by people who doesn't know how to play the game. They are not sportsmen. How come they can lead a sports association? For the top management (e.g President) it's maybe ok to elect a politician or some DATUK, Tengku, YB or MPs (for funds and stuff) but other than that role please give someone who is related to the sports or someone who has achieved something in that sports handle the association.
If i am national athlete, what the heck to they know bout my problems, coaching technique, pains, if they are not sportsmen themselves. Worse than that, maybe they don't even do exercise (talking bout the flabby tummy of the president of M'sia few Sports tycoon..not athletes) So what makes them have more right to tell me what can i do and i cannot for me to excel. Only the person who sails in the same boat understands the wave. That's why i think, the biggest problem in malaysian sports is too many persons who is not suppose to involved in sports becoming the boss.

Perhaps the association should reconsider this. Let the sportsmen handle sports. As for funds and marketing of the sports, hire someone else (a PR company perhaps). Let politician be politician. Businessmen is good in the association but don't get involved too much, it might ruined the art of sports and the passion.




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