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Saturday is the day


france sucks! henry sucks!

but its going to be great when france meet italy, its gonna be a world cup final replay. For me saturday is the day. The day to get sweaty and crazy over a ball. Its futsal nite for me n the boyz. Its gonna b 2am till we puke. And after dat the usual mamak ritual. Sunday will be lazying on the bed and then come monday, getting busy or maybe not depending on the mood.

Any of u out there who wanna get sweaty in a game of futsal, please drop by 2am every saturday at YH Sports Center, Jln Taruka Larkin, JB. Oh, we start pretty late coz, I open for customers booking until 1am slot, and block 2am and above for myself n my frens.

Still trying to master this trick, its either i'm hopeless or getting old.

ah, practice makes better..



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