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Sepak Bola: Deutschland 3 - 2 Portugal


After a decent performance against the Poland in the 1st match, German's coach Joachim Loew (yo-a-khim low) told the press that there are rooms for improvement on the team's performance. So the 2nd match against the Croats were anticipated by many to seal the deal, that on the day after, german's visa to the quaterfinal already stamped. Unfortunately it wasn't the case. The Germans plumped to the ground of Klangenfurt after a luckluster performance.

The defeat at the hand of the Croats shocked at the same time dissapointed many of the fans. Including me. Many have thought that the 2008 Sommermaerchen (Summer's Fairy Tale) just turn out to be an Albtraum (Nightmare). All the stars then promised their deary country that they'll turn up more gears in the next game. Afterall, it's only Austria, how bad could it be right? So at that moment, i still put my card on their table.

So the game begin. 90 minutes, only 1 decent moment. A thunderous free Kick from Micha. I was like; ARE YOU FREKING KIDDING ME?? HOW YOU GUYS GONNA WIN THE EURO BY PLAYING LIKE THAT? That is why tonite, on the game of quater final, against Portugal, a team who had passed the grouping with flying colours, i didn't put too much home. The promises were heard again, but i said; "i am not gonna buy it this time". I had meeting with my boss today n he said; I think we gonna loose, but do cross ur fingers on us. So i lied; "Dont worry, i am always by ur side".


But watching the German play today made me forget all the blunders and mistakes that they've made in the last two games. It's Portugal, so they can't control the game all the time, but anytime they got the ball, they rarely waste it. Fast pace, quick pass, and the German raise again. Even so, the German did win it by luck, coz Portugal did missed a few great chances which if they manage to convert, the game might goes into extra time or penalty. Overall, it was a decent game from the both side.

The word 'luck' remind me of another word that synonyme with football. Superstitious. For those who unfamiliar with the world of football, this game is full of superstitious-believer. That's why some of them touch the grass before enter the field, or take off their glove to block a penalty shoot out. Before the EURO 2008 begin, i wrote about how the star of Mario Gomez will shine in this tournament. It turns out, his star didnt even get to blip in this tounament. Through out the country, many people wondering, what the hell is happening to him? How did he miss this n that? But many people forget that the key of this problem is Miro Klose. Not that Mario and Miro hate each other, no. It just they never had a good game playing together. The reason of Mario gemoz become the 1st eleven was becoz his great performance in the friendlies, but in many of this friendlies he played it alongside Kevin Kuranyi. He never play well when paired with Miro, and this bring us back to the word; superstitious, that certain thing in football happened in the way we can't explain.

Okay, enuff with football. I may write again before the semi-final match kick off. For that, i wish the German; Toi! Toi! Toi!



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