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Turkey and Russia, what's next?


If luck was the twelve man of football, i'm sure determination and never-die attitude is the thirteen man of football.

I'm shocked really, i swear to GOD that this showpiece of determination and never-die attitude wasn't something new in sport but for team like Turkey to walk away 3 times with last seconds goal and Russia's determination which totalled the total football of Holland, you bet none of storytellers ever have the courage to write this kind of ending. Overwhelming and moved by determination, it's the most beautiful moment of football.

I was moved when i watch how determine Turkey willing to shove to win. They give it all and if people say it's luck, well, luck won't go thrice. I only watch highlights and delays of the game. I wondering, would i moved to tears should i watch the live match? the game was beautifully played by Turkey and the things that you could see all game long was their neverending effort; long run, long pass, cross over cross. They keep running and running and chasing after the ball. Man, they could really run. It's like superhuman which never feel tired. After all, Turkey's Cinderella story keep on going with date with gorgeous Germany in semi-final. Would the love of the heart of Turkish too big for Germans to handle? Best of luck to Fatih Terim's team.

Russia on the other hands plays it as a unit. Hell, they sure have lots of stamina to do the running. The whole game was a devastating show of running effort from Russia to outwit the total football of Holland. But Holland also didn't giving up as Sneijder keep on pushing good cross over van Persie and Nistelrooy thus big round of applause for his effort. But Holland lack of fit defensive line up. van Bronckhorst and van der Vaart almost giving up the match during extra times. if only van Basten have other substitution left, he could utilize it to replace both player which heavily pounded by Russian attack. Russian getting better and better as the tournament goes and seeing all team which struggling in their group match eventually succeded in quarter final, i'm getting worried about Spain in quarter final. Known best as "underachiever of big tournament" and "crumble under crucial moment", Spain is mirror image of what Portugal and Holland have; the dream team with all star players. But would Spain able to play it well with Italy?

Italy came into quarter final with reputation of underdog as they struggle with all their might through group stage but Italy also known for their great comeback and mental toughness which Spain lacked. I'm a bit relieved to see Pirlo wasn't in the game as i always believe that Italy win it because of Pirlo and if Pirlo play his game well (with great cross, awesome freekick and spot-on pass), Italy have less doubt to win. Spain on the other hand lack in defence as they easily let the other teams score and when you let other team to get psychological advantage over scoring goal, they could be unstoppable.

If Italy win tonight game then this tournament will watch the theory of second best team in group stage excel in quarter final by outwitting their group favorite. But the bigger question is whether the Cinderella story of Russia and Turkey continues in final? This year EURO would be worth to watch!

*finger-crossed* for Spain.


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