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Soccer anyone?


Tomorrow insyaAllah I'll be in KL. I'll probably take the train or the bus. I'm not gonna drive up coz i'll be totally lost in KL roads, I won't be lost in KL but in the unfamiliar KL roads. It's better if I take the public transportations. Two things to do & attend in KL, 1. Kapasitor 4th Anniversary this saturday 2. Meet up with potential clients tomorrow.

Because of that I will have no time to adjust my EPL Fantasy team which I usually do on Fridays. Here's my team for this week.


I have replaced Everton's Arteta with Ronaldo coz MU will meet Everton, and chances are high that MU wins. I swapped Carragher with Hull City's Turner coz Liverpool will have a tough game against Chelsea, and whether Liverpool win or lose I'm confident that they will concede goal/s. So Carragher gotta go this week, I sold him so I get some money to buy MU's Ronaldo which cost me 14million.

Because of Ronaldo's hefty price, I gotta let go off Wigan's Valencia and replaced it with 4.5 million Ashbee of Hull City. Anyway Wigan will also face with tough opponent, Aston Villa. And with Hull facing West Brom which is on the bottom of the table, Turner & Ashbee will be a good buy.

Ronaldo will be captain this week instead of regular Lampard, I hope he won't dissapoint me and score/assist some goals. Reina will be in the bench and Fulham's Schwarzer will fill in the goalkeeper post after a long hiatus in the team.

Hopefully I will get high points this time and get me higher ranking. My current ranking as you can see above is 134,773 out of 1.8million players worldwide. Not bad ar considering it's my 1st time playing this? Anyway Malaysian players or the right term, managers are about 115 thousand plus, are any of you guys here one of them?

My Predictions of This week result :

Stoke City v Man City  0-3

Arsenal v West Ham  1-1

Aston Villa v Wigan 2-0

Bolton v Tottenham 0-1

Fulham v Portsmouth 2-0

Hull City v West Brom 2-0

Middlesbrough v Blackburn 1-2 

Man Utd v Everton 2-0

Newcastle v Sunderland 1-1 

Liverpool v Chelsea 1-2


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