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Kap-sule is the Bomb!



Oh. My. God! I am soooooo loving my freshly downloaded Kap-sule!!

Not only did it features poems and shortstories from the English section, it also features Artwork! How Brilliant is that?!

Now now, I think Kap-sule didn't get the promotion it deserved, therefore I'm gonna go all out and promote it!

Congrats to the English Team for coming up with this brilliant issue!

I'm loving it!
(no, I don't love it just bcoz my poem happened to be in there. I love it because it's brilliant! Now now, Prasasti has a match! *wink*)

Among the authors featured in Kap-sule are: Fadly, Reason, ExaAziz, JoeHafiz, Syud, fairuzar, raihanchia, mosh, blake_zane, ahnep, zhentan, nightingale, papercat, m155m00n, uculer, itot, bitterpill, NinaSarif and Alam_shah. (err.. I think in my excitement, I accidently mentioned all of you :p)

While it also featured Artworks by: catt, melissa, darthside, zinggof, laways, babyling, valium, ahnep, akina, ossan, otak, cassle, hilmi, AliaSalleh, wallawalla and sampah.

so if you're as excited as I am, you can download a copy of your Kap-sule here :)

I think this is what the English section needed to boost its confidence and move on to the next level. Again, I think Kap-sule is the BOMB! With capital B, capital O, capital M and capital B! Congrats you guysss!!!




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I used to write when Im sad, write when Im mad, write when Im happy, write when Im lonely. I used to write my heart out, but now I only write in my heart ;)
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