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Geng jahat : skip examination


Something that i wrote few years back. Still smell like sh**t.

So, Here we go.

Ok tomorrow, surprise! a math test. I studied real hard but damn i still not ready yet, help!…"So you want to skip test or exam? I have some ideas that we used during our school days. Check it out." said the devil inside my head ( after 2 or 3 pint , of course)

1.Ash from cigarette. put it a little bit inside your eyes. taraaa! “saya kena sakit mata”

2.Find a soap. Used one is okay and put it at your armpit. Then sleep at your living room. Turn the fan on full throttle. When you wake up, you will find yourself really uncomfortable. Well, I called it a fever. Demam.

3.Get yourself into an accident. Brave enough but don't get yourself killed. Ride a motorbike on a full throttle then break. Make sure only hand injuries okay. KL menjerit style.

Make sure you go see a doctor and get a medical leave and tell your teacher that you can’t attend the test due to your real fake ‘injury’

Good luck.



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