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Tak takut mati, tak mati


The latest thing in the news bothers me. It bothers me so much. It so bothering to the extend that I want to talk about it with my wife on our way to work, where we seldom talk about serious stuff so early in the morning.

So you join a humanitarian cause. You know the risk. You family know it. And you are up for it so do your family since none of them against your noble idea in the first place. So tell me why on earth at the moment your head is at the gun point, your family cry out loud asking the whole country to pray for your comeback?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not insensitive little bastard here but hey! when you sign up yourself for the journey that your know is extra high risk, do you expect to comeback home sound and safe or to die with honor doing some good cause for your country, religion and yourself? I prefer the later. Everybody goes to jihad dream of syahid. Peoples in Prophet Muhammad time drain their tears out if they come back safe and sound from the battle ground.

So please, I beg you Malaysian, please be ikhlas in what we do this time around. All these man get when they come back home are fame and famous, but if they fall down in the jihad fi sabilillah, they get a lifetime guarantee a place in the jannah.

If I were them, I will be proud to hear my kids telling their friends that his/her father died helping his fellow muslim against the Zionist oppression. How my family gonna survive? Don’t worry, the government sure lend some hands to help, heck! I guest the UN also will lend some of the many many hand. After all, every man entitle for rezeki from Allah. That is HIS promise, dare to challenge?!


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