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10 Word Poetry Campaign


Salam Kapasitorians!

Kapasitor's English Section inviting all of you to be participating on our new activity that is called - 10 WORD POETRY CAMPAIGN.

It's so simple and easy as eating nuts. Just write down 10 word and as long as it look like poetry, actually it must need to be formed as poetry. Hahaha.. Ok. Nevermind. Just write and send it here.

Any questions? Ok, you! yes you there!

I would like to participate on this, but how?

Ok. What you gonna do is put on the title just like this:

10WP: (Your Poetry Title)

And we will know, that is a poetry that you send for this campaign.

Nah! What are you waiting for? Open your notepad, word or anything and start writing now. But remember, it's must and only 10 word. That's why it called the 10 Word Poetry Campaign. Yah?

See you later and don't forget to... release the kraken!!! (Ok, yang tu aku mengarut)

BEN a.k.a Rebelliben


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Ben Nizari

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