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Kapasitor EN : Open Chat Day



We, the EN Section Team would like to welcome all of guys to our 1st OPEN DAY CHAT.  Not  Hari Raya Open House yet la, so no kuih muih and ketupat but detail as follows :


What is Open Chat Day :

Basically is a day where you can find us , the EN Section Team in one chat room to get to know each other  better. Here we invite you guys to come inside and ask any question you like about the EN section, or if you have ideas, suggestions, comments, anything ..just shoot! We would  love to hear them out!

Meet The Mods!

We got Clarkie ( oh you can ask her about recipes and texas :p), Benny aka BEN10wp (ask him about Black Orgasm, I wanna know what the hell is that too :P), Blakey (ask her about the next Kapsule or Suju :P) and Azziky ( sorry dude, you get to be azziky coz then it would ryhme hehe). Azziky is our latest moderater, he play guitar in a band.

I know most of us maybe couldn’t get together in Kapasitor Offline Events like Annivesary, Santai, Futsal and all, because of distance, time constraint or just because of shyness (like me :P), so here, EN OPEN CHAT DAY is an online activity where we get to get a little bit closer and get to know each other better.

DATE : Saturday ,21ST August 2010

TIME : 10.30PM till late

PLACE : Jojo will open an extra chat room

Attendance : Everyone is invited

So, clear all your plans for EN OPEN CHAT DAY, lets chat till sahur ok! See you then..;)


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