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Kapasitor EN : December 2010 Bulletin


Hi guys!

First of all, sorry for the delay in this month bulletin. I actually wanted to wait until the prize is delivered to the winner of EN JUSTWRITE COMPETITION and post together with the picture. But although the winner is already selected but he still ‘measuring’ his shoe size. Hehe. And so I think I just announce it and maybe post the picture later or not.

Ok, to start things off, the EN Section would like to welcome newcomers to the section, they are :

1)      Aduka

2)      TheFAG

3)      remyrahmad

4)      Danny_boy

5)      Jamdol (although i think we all know who this is..hehe)

We hope you guys keep on posting your stuff here and every other sections in Kapasitor.

The Stats
November 2010 received 12 poetries and 4 short stories from the members.  Well, from the numbers  I have to say, if you guys have not read them all, maybe if you have the time, just drop by and RRC ‘em. Oh RRC is short for READ, RATE & COMMENT. Your support is greatly appreciated!

The competition is closed as at 12.01am 5/12/2010. I decided not to extend the closing date because i think I just wanna closed this year activity with this competition. A total of 4 eligible entries is received consisting of 3 poetries and 1 short story. As the competition closed, the moderators and Mr. Jojo is asked to pick 2 of the favorites to be selected as winner of the ADIDAS sneaker. Turned out all the 4 entries received 2 votes each. After an email discussion, it is decided that we narrowed the votes to the 1st choice of each voters, and Fait Accompli! By Kurusawa and Heroes/Thieves by Ancalime still equal in votes.

And so the drama continues. We then decided for a guest voter, who will pick between the 2 entries and choose a winner. Uculer, the former EN Section Leader is given the task to judge the entries and her choice is FAIT ACCOMPLI! By KURUSAWA.

Thank you to all participants, voters and congratulations to KURUSAWA!

We will announce the next competition in January 2011 Bulletin so stay tuned ok.

I guessed that is all for this month bulletin. We are nearing the end of 2010 so it’s a good time to reflect the past 11 months achievements/failures and start planning for 2011.  Me, I’m just gonna chill out the rest of December and be ready for work in January next year! Adios!


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