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KTI #2: It Begins at :)


On this date three years ago, I was roaming the streets of Brisbane, being a carefree, single soul that I was. Though it seemed like ages ago, but those were the best one and a half years of my single life. And even though I was far away from my family, but I was surrounded by great friends, most of whom were as single and carefree as I was.

Most of the time, our topic of conversation would revolved around 'when will we meet The One'. Aside from discussing about studies of course… *cough*. The only other thing that posed a challenge to that one topic would be 'when will we get our allowance'. *cough again*. Yeah, those were the good old days…

We faced a lot of hardships together, my friends and I. The tears of the broken hearted, the tears of unfinished lab works, the tears of writing a thesis, tears of being faraway from our family, not mentioning, the tears of joy. Those were the days… And if I could turn back time, I would go back to those days. Only this time, I will bring someone else with me.

Who would have guessed that my destiny starts here, at Kapasitor. And since Allah is the best planner, our path had crossed, in the means of a mutual friend called Syahar. I've known Syahar way back in the schooling days. Only back then I was the cool kid, and Syahar was, well… not so. (sorry Syahar :p) And it was thru Syahar that I've become acquainted with Kapasitor, and eventually, its infamous founder. *wink*

I had first fallen in love in his way of writing Aku Budak Setan: Nazihah. Yes, as perverted as it was, but I found such profound honesty there and from there I’ve got this urge to get to know the writer better. And the fact that Syahar told me the writer thought I was cute posed a great help as well. Ahah! Score there! *wink*

Starting from there, we started changing IMs, and started chatting almost every day. Of course, that was back when I was still in Brissy while he's in Malaysia. So online chatting was all we do. From our conversations, I realized there are a lot of admirable traits in him. For starters, he was downright down-to-earth, never boasting about his success. Not mentioning he’s polite and knows how to respect a woman's right. But then of course there’s this one problem: we haven't met.

So how do we meet? It was 21st of July 2008. I just got back from Brisbane after my graduation. Somehow, of all the people that I was dying to meet (bear in mind that I’ve been abroad for a while), he was one of the first that I met. I remembered we watched The Dark Knight together, that marked our first date *cough* and our first movie. Of course, I was being malu-malu at that time. Well you know what they say, malu itu perisai orang beriman *wink* *cough cough* and he was… well, very talkative. But not annoyingly so though…

It took only a few months for us to know that we were meant to be together. As different and distant that we were, we know we had one thing in common: we love each other. And that was enough for us to take the next leap forward. I can totally see a future for us. Deep inside my heart I know I can depend on him thru rain or shine, thru thick or thin, in sickness or health, till death do us part.

And now here we are, almost three years from then, happily married with a child. Nawfal is three months old today, adorable and healthy, and looked an awful lot like me (or so they say…) and I love him as much as I love his ayah.

So this post is dedicated to the founder of Kapasitor, Mr Johari Rahmad. The love of my life, the father of my child. Thank you for creating this site, for creating a platform for us to meet and to fall in love. If it wasn’t for Kapasitor, I wouldn’t have found you, I wouldn’t have found my love. Thank you hubby, for a job well done *wink*

My happiness begins at How about yours?




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I used to write when Im sad, write when Im mad, write when Im happy, write when Im lonely. I used to write my heart out, but now I only write in my heart ;)
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