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Personal : Whiteness Monster


Does an empty page shows an empty head?


Maybe it is but maybe there’s only whites in my head.

Mr. Brainmotion (brain + emotion) wake up! Send some signals to this 10 fingers and caress these keyboard keys. Make them jump. Make them work their assess off.


Can’t put words into Words right now.Or to be exact, about 25 minutes or so, until I pop up the question on top.


And so that single question will transform the fate of this file once I click on ‘save’ later. It will then have a name, a file name and then a life of it’s own for a while.


Or I can choose to put death to it and click ‘x’ on the top right of this screen. Digital death.


Rest in Bin.
No Name Words File.
2.25am 8th February 2011 – 3.10am 8th February 2011.
A Useless Page.


Playing god with files. Big deal!


And so I preserved this file. Here. For a while.


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