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From My Desk: Lump on The Neck


It happened two weeks ago, specifically on 1 July 2011. I woke up and immediately realised a lump on my neck. A lump, anywhere on our bodies, are usually associated with cancer.

Naturally, I freaked out. And here's why.

During the previous week, an uncle succumbed to cancer. He died of lung cancer that was discovered a wee bit late. The only consolation was that he didn't suffer long. The disease was discovered at the last stage.

Last year, another auntie became a victim of ceervical cancer. In the 40's, she just recently got married. But it was fated. She didn't suffer long though.

The previous year, her mother failed in the battle against breast cancer. Three, three relatives.

So you see, cancer is very near my family. Hence, discovery of such lump on my neck caused me to go into a frenzy. Almost immediately, I pestered syud (resident pharmacist in kapasitor. Kidding) and started shooting questions. 'Not tonsil, maybe TB', she said. Since the lump grew overnight, I really cannot say if I had fever the previous night.

There was nothing to do except visit the doctor. It was one tender lump and the doctor wanted me to come back after one week if the lump is still day. It was just my luck that the lump didn't decrease in size and sent me into panic.

And here I'm, happy and grateful as can be since the doctor cleared my chest x-ray was oke (loves the compliment that the doctor said my x-ray was excellent. Hihi). And for the cancer, there was no mention of it. Alhamdulillah, one cause to be extremely happy about.

I'm still waiting for my blood test result. It may return something, it may not. The doctor has cautioned that I might be sent to the hospital for check up if anything happens. But looking at the lump now, it was just my luck that it is getting smaller now. :-l.

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