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From My Desk: What Can You Expect From A Sleepy Me?


I have the ability to sleep that any cub (be it lion or bear) will envy. I know this shouldn't happen but almost everyday after work, I will succumb to the temptation and accompany my pillows on the bed. I woke up at five-ish am, rush to work in order to punch out no later than 3.15 pm. Hence, by 4pm, I'd be dead to the world. Don't ask me what time I wake from slumber.

Today is no different except that I came back with beef and ingredients to marinate it. Last week, my auntie said something about beef so I think why not try it again. But of course, I didn't prepare the ingredients, it comes in a package hence no need for me to upload the pictures.

So, at three something, I marched to the nearest supermarket to get the ingredients. I was by then, walking in clouds. But I managed to complete the task anyways. The journey back was almost uneventful (or I was too engrossed in Guards! Guards! Guards from Terry Pratchett).

Upon reaching my station, I hardly can open my eyes anymore. I jumped into the nearest taxi that I sawand head home. I have to sleep. With four hours sleep yesterday, of course it'd be very difficult to stay awake.

Reach home, walk past the door, open freezer and stash everything in. I know I stashed the pre-mix too but I couldn't care less. I was too sleepy to think about it.

One long dream and one series of dream (I sometimes dream when I take afternoon naps), I woke up and marched to the freezer. The pre-mix wrote '30-minute' hence I was not in a rush to marinate the beef earlier. So, coolly (or rather, groggily) I reached for the white plastic bag in the freezer ( I AM THAT bad when I'm really sleepy).


And then, I feel something thick. This was unlike the think container of the beef. Next, I saw something green peeked out of the plastic bag. It was not the green colour you find on bad meat, just the kind of green you found from Buncho (I kind of miss the brand's crayon. Do you know that the price has gone down? I might get the crayon and water colours one of these days. Not to use it, really, but just because I can. Sheer madness).

I am lost between the brackets. Let me see....

Oke green. It felt a bit thick like...

Darn it. I put my book into the freezer too. I was lucky no one discovered it or I'd have to endure a few hours lecture on " Expected Behaviour from A Lady".

Never, people, expect anything sensible when I'm sleepy.


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the one who loses her rose-tinted glasses, with the tendency to borrow others thinking caps. 
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