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From My Desk: Playing Aunt Agony


You know when people call radio stations to tell the radio announcers (or rather, the whole nation) about their problems. That is rather expensive, don't you think? So, I thought, hey! I can give them solutions for free. So, why not do it here? And before, the writer is very sarcastic, oozing with cynicism. You have been warned.  

Dear Aunt Agony,

 My name is Ina and I am 24 years old, currently seeing someone. My boyfriend is 26 years old.

 My boyfriend is not working in the country and honestly, we are not sure when he is coming back.

 At the same time, I'm also seeing an older guy, kind of a family friend. He's 44 years old with stable income.

 Who should I pick? I love my boyfriend but I would love to have a rich boyfriend. And the 44-year old guy always bring me gifts and such. My mother really like him.

 What should I do?

 Answer: You are certainly materialistic so I really do not see the problem here. Your type (falls under the gold digger category) should always choose the rich ones and never marry them because I believe you'll have a hard time being loyal when the bank account gets smaller. If you truly love your boyfriend, you won't be writing in for the whole world to know that you are not wife-material, based on your statement: I would love to have a rich boyfriend.

 If I was your boyfriend, I'd dump you at a heartbeat. And I would also leave you if I'm the 44 year old guy.

 Hope this helps you!


about the author

Siti Aishah Abdul Aziz

the one who loses her rose-tinted glasses, with the tendency to borrow others thinking caps. 
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