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18 year old's critical thinking


One way to make fun of yourself is to make fun of your past self making fun of your past self. I know, that's pretty tough. But I happen to keep a blog since I could barely write proper English (or Malay...) and just now I found my 18 year old self reminiscing on my 17 year old self.

Here goes nothing.

10 things I would've change if I were to be back in high school


I sincerely do not recall much things I regret during my time in School A. Most of the things that top my list is from what happened in School B.


#1 I want to get more involved with sports

Because later on in your life you will always regret being the girl who doesn't play anything. Basically every girl should play netball, at least once in her life. I never gave it a go. PE class did no good. I'm afraid of balls, shuttlecocks, and such. I'm not even a good runner. In School A, olahraga is unspoken of. Our annual sukantara consisted of menjaringkan bola dalam net, lempar cakera, and lontar peluru. I was amazed (and scared!) when I found out that in School B (and any other normal schools) they conduct lari 100 meter in 16 seconds, lompat tinggi and lompat jauh. But Alhamdulillah I missed their sukantara in Form 4 because I registered in June and they don't have it in 2009.


#2 I want to keep a clean record in Rekod Prestasi

Wasn't I good enough? No. I got 65 for Geography for 3 consecutive exams. That's a C, people. And I very rarely got an A for Home Science and History too. I got 9A's for PMR Trials because my teacher gave me 2 extra marks for Geog as markah kesian. And once, I was ranked 18th in class. That's somehow humiliating by Ma's standard.


#3 Join the debate team

Although I know it by heart that I'm not built to debate - or be a debater of any sort - now that I desperately need the skills, I thought I should've at least tried. And let the teachers shape me. I went for an audition in Form 4 (School A only consider taking Form 4 and Form 5 students) and I stammer when I talk. And that was only in front of a teacher, Friend A, Bestfriend B, and some others, all of which consist of my closest friends. And I bloody talked about holidays - the pros and cons. Damn.


#4 Join a dance club or something (Glee-ish)

To get rid of the stage fright, I guess. My legs go all wobbly and jelly when my name is called up onstage to get an award for 2nd best in batch. Those 30 seconds was always the most nerve-wrecking.


#5 Eat more fish

Usually we have fish days, and non-fish days. And hell I really rarely eat on fish days. Be it masak kicap or masak merah, I'll just find other alternatives, i.e: call the boys and order nasi lemak if it's dinner time, or rush to the canteen if it's lunch time. Why? I hate hostel fish-based meals. As a result, now that I get to choose my own diet, I only eat fish in tins. Sardins. And I think sooner or later, I'll lack the supposed proteins. =.='


#6 Commit more crime

Somehow, just sitting stupidly on rooftops and tangki air doesn't seem enough crime for a lifetime. I regret not going with them to the beach, regardless of what happened that night and the day after. LOL. Next, I regret not being the one that smeared toothpaste on the prefect's uniform (yes, it wasn't me) and I regret not even bringing a handphone to school. Hmm. And although (inset stupid event name) is a big enough event to be remembered, I just want to do more. Like, trigger the fire alarm.. conduct a major blackout during Earth hour.. and more. I think, with the help of some ever-willing friends, it's not impossible.


#7 Snap more pictures and capture more videos

Really. I don't even have a decent picture of us together. Not even a decent picture of Class X-ians that's not captured out of formality (graduation is still considered formal) and not a single picture of beloved roommates. Not many pictures throughout our journey. Not many stupid pictures, except on rare occasions. Come to think of it, no pictures during high tables whatsoever. -.-' And just a single video (last day of SPM) to let me remember friends' voices. And stupid acts. The boys capture more photos than us girls did, I guess. But that's not fair because almost every one of them have camera phones with them.


#8 Not give out the answer for Cikgu (insert scary teacher's name)'s daily test to deskmates

Because the look he gave me and the remark he mentioned to Class Y students, hurts till today. I loved him, he's the best Add Maths teacher you could ask for, fast and very straight to the point, and I seriously regret offending him. Masih terkesan di hati, sampai hari ni.  

#9 I would not drop out from the (insert school magazine board) team

When I was offered the position, I thought it'd be cool, one, because Friend A was also in the (School A magazine board) team, two, I get to apply Photoshop skills (which is now fading quick), and three, I'd have my name carved as one of the editorial boards. Which is cool. Reasons for dropping out? One, I hate missing classes (which is partly true) and two, takde geng best. And when I told this to (insert prince charming's name) (whom I only knew, was a member too) some time last month, he kinda said I was senok la simply put. To use that as an excuse. Come to think of it, (magazine board) wasn't only full of prefects lah! Ada (girl names..) Right? That's why I regret this. However in the end, after all their hardwork, the magazine wasn't published. So it's only right that I dropped out early, no? Wrong. I should've gained some experience. 


#10 I won't let myself fall in love.

And I pray hard that those that has to do with this statement will never read this blog.



I think my ultimate favourite is #2. Seriously. 


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