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Tackle the audience with your 'smile'


are you a new comer? have post smthing but get very little attention from members of Kapasitor? Well here are smthing u can do to get more attention from the readers:


1. Give comments to other members as well.

I qoute cahatomic's "it's a give and take". One way to encourage people to read ur works is by appreciating other's. There is no committee that work 24/7 to 'walk' around Kapasitor to judge and comment on ur writings. Kapasitor is a site which based on community concept, so, we do rely on each other shoulder here. 

2. Kapasitor Chattroom

So you go to Kapasitor Chattroom, u wanna join but u don't understand what the hell these people are talking about. Don't turn around. Drop a 'Hi!' or two. Join them. Get to know them. Let they know your existence. Make everybody smile with your jokes. And then just drop some simple words like "hey guys, i just posted a new poem/short story/novel, can u check them out, i'll really appreciate it if u could giv some comments". It's that simple.

3. My.Kapasitor

Use the shout box to get to know new frens!

Use the shout box to get to know new frens!

Use the shout box to get to know new frens!


So the key is to get involve and be the part of Kapasitor's Community. Behave well and pat the back of each other. Not everyone is a good writer, but everyone deserve to feel good about themself!


ps: this tip is my personal opinon. It's not a guideline or what so ever. More tips from another other members:

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