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Posted: 23/04/2012 at 22:59:21 PM | 2216 Views

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Foreword: A Lost Soul...

 (Kwangsu P.O.V)
I opened my eyes slowly as the bright light from the window dazzling my eyes. I put my hands on my head when I feel my head pounding like crazy. My breath was uncontrollable and my view was a bit blur. I shook my head a few times till I can see everything clearly.

“What the hell was that?” I talked to myself, still rubbing my head slowly.

I was lying unconsciously on the floor of nowhere. Well actually, I don’t know where I am right now. I can’t recall anything that had happened before I wake up with a pounding headache like I was totally knocked out last night. Okay, talked about last night, what am I actually doing here??

“Aishhh!!” I sighed, still can’t recall anything that had happened last night.

 I get up from the floor and start wandering around the room. It was a small white room with one window at the wall in front of the door. Everything was so unfamiliar to me, I start walking out from the room, only to find an unfamiliar town ahead of me. I look at my back and I saw a long building of stores. 

“Wait, where is that room just now??” I asked myself when I can’t find the door to that room.

I turned in circles a few times but the only things that I saw was a busy street full with peoples. They are everywhere around me, walking forth and back beside me like it was the busiest time in the world. I look at my watch but it has stopped working...

“Huh? How come it’s not working, I just took it from the shop!” I mumble alone as I tried to shake my watch. 

“This is ridiculous! I don’t know where I am right now and my watch suddenly stop working at....” I look closely at my watch.

“11.33 PM...” I muttered slowly as a weird feeling started crawling inside me. I stare blankly at my watch when that time reminds me of something but I cannot recall it.

“Erm... Excuse me sir, can I know where I am right now?” I asked an old man who passed by me but he ignore my question and keep on walking as if he didn’t see me at all.

“Whoa, that was rude. Why did he have to act like he didn’t see me?”

“Err, excuse me miss, can you tell me where are we right now? I was kind of lost here.” I asked, smiling to a pretty young lady who was sitting on a bench. Again, even this young lady ignores me.

 I took a step back and look at my reflection on the stores mirror, checking if my appearance was the reason peoples keep on ignoring me. My forehead frowned when I found nothing wrong with my clothes or my face but people act like they can’t see me, like I was invisible in front of them. I open my coat and start walking around with no direction but I quickly turned myself to a store’s mirror when I notice something on my shirt. 

I was startled by what I see on the mirror, my eyes stuck at my own reflection as I saw blood on my shirt. A red coloured stain on my shirt! And I am sure it was blood. I touched it slowly and look inside my shirt, it’s definitely my blood because I saw a wound on the left side of my stomach... but the weird thing is, I feel nothing. Not even a single pain although the wound seem so deep, like I was stabbed by a knife.

My feet keep on stepping backward as I still trying to make sense of everything. Suddenly a woman walks through me, not passing by me but she went through me! My eyes widened as I turned and looked at her, she was still walking like nothing had happened. I looked at my hands and my whole body in panicked. 

“This can’t be true, I am not a ghost am I??” I asked myself the same question over and over again.

My name is Kim Kwangsu, I am 27 years old before this weird thing happen to me. My life was great, I have a small family with my parents and my younger sister, Kim Jiyong. I live in the big city, Seoul and I work as an accountant for a big company. I have a great friend named Park Geonil, my best friend since I was six. Everything was fine to me as far I can remember and I don’t have any special girlfriend yet but that was everything that I could remember before I wakes up one day and realize that I have turned into a ghost.  Not only just an ordinary ghost but I was a lost ghost, a lost soul that can’t find any way home... to where I was belongs to now...

[End of Kwangsu P.O.V]


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