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Chapter 001
Posted: 23/04/2012 at 23:07:52 PM | 2406 Views

Chapter 001
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Chapter 001: A Perfect Coincidence

[Boram P.O.V]
I sit at the same bus stop again tonight, it’s already 10.00pm now. I let out a sigh. Another ‘perfect’ day for me, I thought as I rolled my eyes. I am 23 years old now but I already have such a boring life, doing the same routine every day of my life. Not even anything to be proud of and nothing to make me excited with my own life.

“If only I can see a ghost then my life will be more exciting... maybe~” I chuckled by myself as I said that, jokingly. 

My name is Jeon Boram. I am a final year student at Dongkuk University, taking major in communication and at night, I worked as a part time waitress at a small and cute cafe nearby my school. I don’t know why I feel like my life was a boring one when I’m still haven’t finish my studies yet but being at school and working at night make it looks so boring every time I think about it. 

I was a simple minded girl and I love adventures. I love watching and listening to a ghost stories a lot since I thought it was kind of fun to be able to see one but I don’t have a special abilities to see ‘them’. My grandmother said that a ghost was a lost soul that still have unfinished business in this world. She said, they might be looking for the one they have been longing for so much before they closed their eyes for good. 

Well, I wonder if it’s true or not. I don’t think anyone would be longing for me that much till they have to see me even though they are dead.

I looked at the road, counting the times for my bus to arrive when suddenly my eyes noticed a tall guy wandering across the road. He is quite tall and has a blonde and short hair, he looks like a foreigner if I look at him in a flash but he is a Korean for sure. Something about him attracts my attention but a bus come and stop at the bus stop across me, blocking his view from me. I turn my sight and look at the empty road in front of me. As soon as that bus starts moving, I look back to the other side of the road. Looking for that tall guy I saw just now but he was nowhere to be seen. 

My eyes widened when I saw him sitting at the bus stop right across me with his eyes looking at me intensely. He was not there a few second ago, when did he sit there?? I thought to myself as I started to feel uneasy with his staring.

I quickly looked away from him, trying to change my view to my left but then I feel a sudden change at my right, like there is someone else beside me. I turned my head to my right slowly and I found the same tall guy I saw a few second ago. I step backward in a hurry as I feel like half of my breath was taken away when I saw him sitting beside me with a surprised expression, like he didn’t expect me to see him.

“What..?? How..?? Ergh!! Just what the heck are you?!!” I shouted in panicked. 

Ops! Did I just ask him ‘What the heck is he?’ instead of ‘who’?? Crap~! =.=”

“Erm... Is it okay if I tell you that I am a ghost?” He asked me quietly. I stop moving for awhile, frozen at my place as I stare at him without blinking my eyes. Is it true what I just heard? He said he is a ghost right? Or did I hear it wrongly because of my fantasy about ghost again??

“But, hey! Did you just ask me ‘What am I’?? Yah, even though I am a ghost, you shouldn’t be so rude like that...” He mumbles to me but my feet were still stuck at the same place.

[End of Boram P.O.V]

[Kwangsu P.O.V]

“But, hey! Did you just ask me ‘What am I’?? Yah, even though I am a ghost, you shouldn’t be so rude like that...” I mumble to her but there was no reply from her. I looked back to her and she was frozen at her place like a pole.

“Hello~ miss... are you there?? Are you going to stay like that forever??” I asked her as I wave my hands in front of her face but there was no reaction from her.

“Ahh~ great... I finally found someone that can actually SEE me but she was frozen like a brick once I said I’m a ghost...” I said to myself but as soon as I turned to look back at her, she was right in front of my face with her big and rounded eyes looking at me like a puppy.

“You mean... You are seriously... You are saying that... Did I hear it right?? You... You are...” She said continuously without even finishing her first, her second and her third questions. I look at her, confusedly. 

Err... I didn’t found another ghost or a mental patient right?

“Whoa! Take a breath young lady... yes, I’m a ghost. Happy to hear that?” I said, smiling like an idiot to her.

“Prove it...” She said with her serious tone. I turned my body to the left and start walking through the advertisement board beside the bus stop and appear back in front of her.

“OH MY GOD!! I’m not dreaming right?? This is REAL right? I mean you are REAL! Oh my God!! I can see a ghost!!” Suddenly she started shouting happily like this was the best thing ever happen in her life. Err... Isn’t she supposed to be scared of me? o.O

“Oh my~ this is the best day of my life!!” She said happily as she smiles widely to me. I stood in front of her, stunned by her wide but sweet smile. I looked at her closely, she is a small girl, well, I should call her petite instead but with a cute face and interesting character. If I meet her in real life, I will definitely ask her out. Kekeke... If only, I was still ‘alive’...

“Okay, if you are finished with your celebration. I need your help...” I said.

“Help you with what?”

“I’m lost...” I said with my hopeless tone.

“Huh??” That was the only word that she replied to me.

[End of Kwangsu P.O.V]

[Boram P.O.V]
“Then how can I help you??” I asked him, I was so happy to see him since he is a ghost but honestly, I really don’t know the way to help him. 

“I don’t know... It’s just that you are the only person that can see me right now and I don’t have anyone else that can help me. So please...” He said, pleading to me like his life depends on it. Hurm, is that the right words to use?

“Okay....” I said as I walked a few step and took a sit in front of him. He looked at me, still hoping that I can help him. I was still thinking a way to help him but my mind was blank, how the heck am I going to help a lost ghost??

He took a sit beside me and stares at the road. “This is awkward... are you going to say something?” Suddenly, he asked me after that long and deep silence.

“Where did you live before you die?” I asked him back without answering his last question.

“Erm... That is the problem, I don’t remember where I lived. The only thing I remember was I lived in Seoul.” I cocked my eyebrow when he said that. 

“Okay, that’s so random. Seoul is so huge, how can we find your house?” I said as my mind start puzzling about any possibilities that we have.

 “Do you remember anything else?”

“Well, I remember my families’ name, my best friend and my job...” He replied.

“Great! Where did you work at?”

“Oh, that’s an easy question. I worked as an accountant for a big company...”

“And that company name was..?” 

I saw his eyes looking up as he tries to recall the name of the company he used to work at but from his face reaction, I can guess what the answer is.

“I’m sorry, I can’t remember the name...” He said, looking down at his feet.

“What about your best friend, what is his name just now?”

“Geonil, Park Geonil... He lived at.......” His lip was mumbling something but I can’t hear anything although I sit near him. His forehead frowned from that long thinking.

“You can’t remember it either right?” I asked him again and I heard he sighed as an answer to me.

“I’m really lost am I...?” He looked at me as if he was losing hope. He looks so sad that he makes me feel guilty for not being able to help him.

“Hey, that’s my bus coming!” I said as soon as I saw my bus coming to our way, I quickly get up and wait for the bus to stop. I looked at my back and I saw him still seating at the bus stop.

“Hey, aren’t you coming with me?” He looked at me like he didn’t understand my question.

“You said you need my help right? So, come home with me. We’ll figure out something later...”

“Are you sure about this?” He asked me back.

“Yes!” I replied as I hop in the bus and pay my ticket.

“Who are you talking to just now miss??” The bus driver asks me as he looking at me like I’m a weirdo.

“Oh, nobody...” I simply said that before I took a sit beside the window. That tall guy sits right beside me.

“That is the weirdest girl I’ve ever met...” I heard that bus driver mumble alone by himself. 

“Hey, I forgot to ask your name...” Suddenly I turned to him and asked that, forgetting about the peoples in the bus.

“My name is Kim Kwangsu, just call me Kwangsu.” He said, showing his sincere smiles to me. I just notice something, he is a good looking guy and his eyes were big, a perfect combination with his small lips.

“I’m Boram...” I introduce myself and smile back to him.

“I think you should stop talking to me for awhile...” 

“Why??” I asked, confused by his sudden words.

“Err... because peoples are staring at you, remember? Only you can see me right now.” He remind me about it, I looked around and saw people looking at me like I was some sort of crazy.

“Thanks for reminding me about that... anyway, nice to meet you...” I whispered slowly to him as I look outside the window.


“We are here~! That is my house...” I said, pointing to a dark coloured house with a cream coloured paint as the base as soon as we get off the bus.

“Erghh~!!” Suddenly, he yelled in pain with both of his hands on his head. His face was red as he tries to endure his pain.

“Hey, what’s wrong?!” I quickly run over to him but he stops and let go of his head. 

“Are you alright?” I asked, worrying about his condition.

“Yeah... It’s the same pain that I felt the first time I opened my eyes after my long sleep...” He said slowly.

“I thought ghost will never feel sick?” I said.

“You tell me... It’s my first time being a ghost~” He said sarcastically. I smile foolishly to him when I realized my stupid question.


“Where did you say your house is?” He asked me.

“Oh, there...” I pointed to my house again but his forehead frowned like he was thinking of something hard.

“That’s weird...” He said.

“This place looks familiar to me...” He added.

“What do you mean? You’ve been here before?” I asked him but his eyes were wandering wildly around the place, he was trying to recognize everything around us but suddenly, he giggled.

“What? What are you laughing at??” I asked as I lifted my eyebrow.

“This is weird but my house was just right there...” He said, pointing to a direction.

“But you said you don’t remember where you lived.”

“Yes, I don’t remember until...”

“Until what??” I asked him when he paused for too long...

“Until I had that pounding headache just now...” He told me, I looked at him with a bitter smile, it hard for me to believe what he just said. Does he mean that he get his memories back if he have that headache??

“Seriously Boram, my house was right.... there...” His voice becomes slower as he stares intensely at the road.


“At the end...”

“Of this road...” He said slowly, looking at me like he was confused with what he just said.

“Are you kidding me?” I said, looking at him with my mind full with doubt. How can I be so sure that he is not playing around with me?

“Look, I’m not playing around with you...” He explained.

“Hey, did you just read my thought??” I asked, staring at him like he just did the worse crime.

“No, I’m not!” He denied it. I pouted and looked away from him but suddenly, I remember something.

“That’s weird...” I muttered quietly.

“What?” I looked at him with a question mark on my mind.

“If you really lived in this neighbourhood, I don’t recall anyone here having a funeral these few weeks...” I told him.

Both of us looked back at the end of the road, where he said was his house. That night was kind of darker than the usual night. The street lamps and the moon didn’t help to make it brighter, it was like a gloomy and quiet night. My mind was still puzzling about the same question.

If there are no funerals, then when did he die? If he dies a long time ago, why did he come back now and still stuck in this world?

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