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Chapter 002
Posted: 23/04/2012 at 23:15:02 PM | 2543 Views

Chapter 002
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Chapter 002: A Bleeding Ghost

[Boram P.O.V]
I sat carefully on my bed while looking at him, he was sitting on a small cushion inside my room while his eyes wander around my room, observing everything like my place is a crime scene.

“You have a very unique room...” He commented, facing me back.

I don’t really understand what does he mean by unique, my room is like any other normal girl around my age. Well, at least that what I thought about it. It was just a simple four wall room with a large box shape window that have a black cushion that just enough to fit the space left between the window and the floor.  I love sitting on that cushion while looking outside my window. Then, I have a few shelves that shape like a box and just like other furniture in this room, it’s also black in colour. I painted the wall with a milky white paint, and my bed is also white as well. So basically, the only colour in this room is black and white. Chu~ my favourite colour!

“Unique?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s my first time seeing a room that only have black and white as the main colour.” He commented again.

“Well, that’s because I love black and white...” I replied, grinning to him. 

“But to have a fully black and white room is still kind of creepy...” I looked at him fiercely when he said that.

“I wonder if all your clothes are in black and white also...” He asked me, teasingly. 

Suddenly, he disappeared from his seat. I quickly looked around my room, searching for him.

“Kwangsu??” I called out his name.

Suddenly, the door of my closet was opened widely from inside. My eyes widened when I saw him walking out from there with a big grin on his face.

“Yah!!” I shouted.

“Thank God your clothes are not in black and white too. hehe...” He giggled as he saw my reaction towards his childish behaviour.

“Who gave you permission to go inside my closet?? Haishh...” I said as I closed my closet back. He still giggling beside me but I ignore him and took my towel. I turned back and walk slowly to the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” he asked after he stops giggling.

“To take a bath... It’s already 11.30 and I’m still haven’t change my clothes yet.” I said while glancing to the clock on the wall behind Kwangsu.

I was about to close my bathroom door when suddenly I heard he yelled in pain again, I quickly run out from the bathroom and found him holding his head with his body leaning on the wall.

“Kwangsu, are you alright?” I asked, panicking. I’ve heard a lot of ghost stories but I haven’t heard about a ghost that is sick. Well, how can they be sick if they already died??

Kwangsu let go of his head slowly and looked at me with his eyes half closed, he still trying to endure the pain but suddenly I saw something dripping from his head to his face. I took a few steps closer to him and reach out my hand to touch him.

“Kwangsu...” I muttered slowly, he looked up to me, letting my hand to touch the liquid that was dropping on his face.

“You are bleeding...” I said as I looked at the red liquid on my fingers.

He looked down to his stomach and touch it slowly, there’s also blood dripping from there, like he was stabbed by a knife. His pale face look paler than he already is and he looks so weak right now. 

“Kwangsu, what’s happening to you??” I asked again, trying to make sense of what I’m seeing.

“I... I dunno... erghh...!” Suddenly, he struggles by himself. He acted like someone or something is holding him from moving.

“I can’t move...!” He shouted. I tried to touch him again but slowly my hand pass through his body and he was disappearing from my sight too.

“KWANGSU!!” I shouted but he already gone, disappearing just likes a magic from my room. I turned around and accidentally look at the clock again, it was 11.33 pm sharp now.


[Kwangsu P.O.V]

I try to move but something is restricting me from moving, suddenly my surrounding turn to a pitch black, and my eyes were completely shut.

‘What’s happening to me??’ My heart cries. I try to open my eyes again but I can’t, it feels like something heavy is preventing me from opening it.

At that moment, I could feel the unbearable pains rushing through my veins and the pain was worse than any pain I used to feel. The fiery, stabbing and throbbing pain was everywhere in my body until at one moment, I thought it was in my soul too. What is this?? Why do I feel like I am dying? 

Dying?? Again...?! 

And then suddenly, slowly the pain drifted away and left me with nothing. Nothing at all, like my soul has left my body and everything went numb, not even a slightest pain inside my body but somehow there’s an unexplained feeling left deep in my heart. 

I feel sad, disappointed over something that I was unsure what it is and that feeling are more painful than what I felt just now. It like a deep wound was left in my heart and soon it transform into a big scar that hurt me more each time I think a about it.

‘Why am I like this??’ My heart speak for me... suddenly, I heard a voice mumbling something.

“I hate you...”

“But I love you...”

“I do love you...” 

“But I do hate you....”

It was a woman’s voice, chanting some words, her voice sounds so weak and sad. I could feel her hatred but yet I could also sense her loves but somehow both of it just make my heart aches more and more. 

What is this feeling...?

I stop breathing and my eyes were opened slowly. That is when I saw Boram, she was sitting uncomfortably on her bed. I could sense that she is worried... 

“Boram....” I muttered out her name silently...


[Boram P.O.V]

“KWANGSU?!” I was panicked, I don’t know where did he go. Suddenly, he screamed in pain, bleeding a flood of bloods and a second later he vanished from my room, leaving nothing but me. 

I sit on my bed, my feet thumping vigorously on the floor. I’m waiting for him to come back again, I don’t know why I’m so worried over him. He is just a ghost that I met a few hours ago but something in my heart tell me that I should be worried for him, I pray to God that he will be back to me, fine and safe.


Suddenly, I heard his voice again. It was so slow that I almost thought it as the wind, I looked up from my feet and there I saw him, standing a few steps in front of me. His face went back to normal, the same pale face as before and there is no bloods dripping from his head or his stomach.

“You’re back!” I shouted in relieved. He smiles bitterly to me as he moves closer.

“God! What happened to you??” I asked as I hold his hand. 

Yes, this might be a bit weird, I can touch him, hold him like he is a normal person. I thought ghost supposed to be untouchable, transparent, scary and everything that can’t be explained but it turned out him to be so sweet, handsome, touchable, not scary at all, completely the different version of what is in my mind for years. It’s just that everything that is happening to him can’t be explained by him or me. He is not just a lost ghost but he definitely a ‘sick’ ghost.

“Where did you go??” I asked.

“....” again, he left my question hanging without answer.

“Kwangsu, are you okay??” he shook his head slowly when I asked him again, as if he didn’t hear anything that I’ve said before. I looked at him, waiting for his confirmation and he just slightly smile to me.

“Yea, I am now...”

“What just happened?”

“I don’t know...” he sighed.

“You scared me... I thought you will be gone forever...” I said slowly, looking straight into his eyes.

“I’m sorry.... It’s just that I feel like...” He paused, reluctant to continue his phrase. 

“Like what?” I asked out of curiosity. He looked up right to my face but quickly looked away when our eyes meet.

“Like I just died once again...” He muttered slowly. 

I froze at my place when I heard those words. He feels like he dies once again? I don’t know how but I feel pity for him, what did he do in his life to get this punishment? It’s torturing enough to stuck in this world where you are known as dead and yet, he have to feel how horrible the death is again? But then, something crossed my mind... what if the scene I saw just now was the way Kwangsu die? His head is bleeding like he was hit by something really hard and the deep wound on his stomach... 

I sighed at the thought of it... How worse will this get?

[End of Boram P.O.V]

[Kwangsu P.O.V]
I stood at a corner beside the big window in her room, watching the beautiful figure in front of me sleeping peacefully on her bed. We were talking to each other before she fall asleep a few hours after that, she was trying to make me remembers everything that I could about my former life but I can’t seem to go further than talking about the names that I’ve told her before we went to her house. 

I turned and looked at the window, the darkness that covers the night send chills down my spine. I was wondering about how I die too, just like her. I heard what she said in her mind before... What had happened to me tonight might be the way I was killed to death... I don’t know how this happen but I can reads her mind, I know everything that she is and she was thinking but I couldn’t tell her that. I don’t want her to be scared with me because somehow, I was hoping that she is the only hope that I have right now. The only way for me to know how did I leave this world for good?

Maybe, once I know the source of my death I’ll be free from this suffocating feeling. Maybe, I can rest in peace in the world where I was supposed to be right now.
[End of Kwangsu P.O.V]

(The next day...)

[Boram P.O.V]
I opened my eyes slowly when the dazzling sunlight dazzles my eyes. Its morning already, I don’t even realize when did I fall asleep. Maybe I’m just too tired last night. I got up and sit on my bed, still staring at the window with a blank mind.

Did I just forget something? Feel like I am...

“Assa!” I forgot about him! Where did he go??

I looked around my room but there’s no sign that he was here. I quickly got up from my bed and rushing to the bathroom and the closet but he was nowhere. He’s gone...

Is it true then? That I can only see ghost during night... Or did he actually find his way back to where he is belong to now??

“Morning sunshine~” suddenly, I heard someone greeted me from behind. I turned my head slowly and there he is, leaning on my door while smiling to me. Without realizing it, I sighed in relief upon seeing him smiling to me.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Erm... nothing..Where did you go just now?”

“No where... Just wondering around this neighbourhood.” He replied to me while walking toward my bed.

“Oh, did you found anything?”

“Ya, I think I found my house...” 

"Seriously??" He nodded to my question. I smiles widely to him, almost jumping because I'm so happy to hear that news.

"Great! Let's go then!" I said, half shouting. He frowned when I said that.

"Where are we going??"

"To your house of course..." I replied, reaching for one of my clothes in the closet.

“Are you nuts? You barely even know me in my real life...!” he rushes to me and close my closet in front of my face.

“Yah, what’s wrong with you?!” I shouted but once I turned to him, my expression changed. He looks worried though.

“Look... we didn’t sure how did I die, what if I really dies because someone killed me? And if you come out of nowhere to my house without a concrete story lies in your head, you might end up getting yourself into a big trouble and I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want you to be in troubles because of me. Do you get that?” he explained to me, he face tensed up as he reach my head and tap it slowly...

“I know you want to help me but we better don’t rush okay?” He said softly. I let go of my hand from the closet and stare at his face.

“Then, what are you going to do?” I asked.

“Let me go to my house first... Let me learn about myself first before you go there...” He let go of my head and slowly disappearing himself from my bare eyes.

“I’ll see you soon...” That was his last words before he left the room.

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