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Chapter 2
Posted: 15/06/2012 at 14:33:22 PM | 2082 Views

Chapter 2
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Heidi put the brush down. She scanned herself in the mirror and smiled. She knew that she was ready for the party. She wore pink t-shirt with jeans. She had permed her hair and put a butterfly clip on it.

 Suddenly, Heidi could hear a tire screeching sound from outside the window. She peeked out to see a minivan stopped in front of her house.

 She checked herself for the last time in front of the mirror before hurried down the stairs to meet her friends at the front door.

 Quickly she opened the front door and saw there were four people inside the minivan, including Tania. The minivan’s door slide open and Heidi climbed in.

 “Hey, Heidi. I thought you can’t make it,” Robert Thompson greeted.

 “It was the main idea. Since Tania kept asking me out, I have to agree after all. Besides, I don’t have any plans for tonight. So, I just hope the party won’t make me regret,” Heidi adjusted her seat.

 Everyone chuckled. “Okay! Let’s go to the... ‘party’!” Gary Hobbs exclaimed from the front seat.

 “By the way, where is this Jackson guy you talked about this afternoon?” Heidi looked puzzle.

 “He’s waiting for us at the party. You’ll meet him there,” Tania smiled.

 “Should I drive now? I can’t wait to meet them. They must be waiting for us,” Harrison Ford grinned. Everyone nodded. Except Heidi.

 What is going on here? She thought. Why everyone don’t mention about the party at all? Why everyone laugh when I said about party? Is someone really having a party at Glow Park Beach? Or we are heading to somewhere else?


* * * * *


 The street was silent. It was a dark night without moonlight. Harrison drove the minivan slowly.

 “Okay, guys! Stop it! This is not the road to the beach. You guys are planning something without telling me, aren’t you?” Heidi said angrily. “Aren’t you, Tania?”

 Everyone looked at each other. Heidi’s face was red in anger. She shoved Harrison’s shoulder hard.

 “Stop the minivan!” She said. Harrison ignored her. She continued to shove his shoulder and shouted, “I said stop the minivan now!”

 Harrison pressed the break with his feet and the minivan stopped. He looked annoy with the girl’s action.

 Heidi sat back on her seat. “Is there anyone wants to say something?” She asked.

 Everybody remained silent. Heidi looked at Tania. “Explain!”

Lastly, Tania started to open her mouth to explain. “Alright, the whole thing was my idea. I lied. And if I didn’t, you’d never agree to come with us,” she grabbed Heidi’s arm. Then, she continued, “Yes, we are going to the stadium, not the beach. And I want my best friend to be with me, to prove people that those stories are totally wrong. There are no ghosts! Ghosts never exist! People who died there are innocent. They will never be able to wake up from the grave and strangle us.”

 Tears started to run down Heidi’s cheek. She could not even look at Tania’s face. She was too angry and upset.

 Suddenly, Tania hugged her and whispered, “You’ll be fine, Heidi. Nothing will hurt you. I promise.”

 Heidi realized that it was impossible for her to turn back home. Her friends were too excited to go to the stadium. She knew that she had to be strong.

“Okay,” she rubbed her tears. “But, promise me that we’ll go just for a while. Then, we straight back home.”


 Tania crossed her heart, “I promise.” After that, she moved her sight to Harrison and asked, “Should we go now? It’s almost 1.30 already.”

 But Harrison did not move a budge. His sight was focusing outside the window. Gary took a peek on Harrison's face. He could see that Harrison’s eyes popped out of the socket and his mouth dropped open in shock!


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