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Requiem for A Brim
Posted: 22/09/2013 at 11:18:49 AM | 4168 Views

Requiem for A Brim
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The world so pretty

The creatures so busy

No time for worry

The banks are in a hurry

Through the drains and the rivers,

Alas, they have corrupted the seas

Greed even affects the mountains and greeneries

Giving mountains destructed bit by bit to erect buildings and wealth of the so called ‘elites’

Such is the state and such is the earth and such are people

Endangered are values

Almost in extinction are thoughtfulness and simplicity

Let us all just go to sleep

Who knows in our dreams there will be some peace

Let us all just go to sleep

Who knows by the time we wake up the air would be cleaner and devoid of selfishness

Let us all just remain sleeping

By the time we wake up, it would already be the time of reckoning

Open your eyes before your heart stop beating

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