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I've Been Lost In My New Life For Two Years

10WP : Untrue Love

Does true love exist... When nothing about love is true?

10WP : Unrequited Love Brings...

Pain to the person loving... Guilt to the one loved.

10WP : Hey Girl!

Hey Girl! I won't catch you; Cause I'm..... Not interested!

10WP : Hey Boy!

Hey Boy! Please catch me; Cause I'm falling..... For you!

10WP: Can We Agree On This?

if you don't, then I won't, complicate matters between us.

10WP: Messed UP

we are so messed up we are, aren't we, dear?

10WP : Until Then

I will only be forgotten If LOVE is named dead

10WP: Your Butcher Knife

Your butcher knife chops and slices meinto thousandpieces

10WP : The Poem From A Boy To His Sugar Mummy

When you kiss me I feel love like instant mee!

10WP : Tease

I'm just looking But you're glaring Notice me more, darling

10WP : Slow & Fast

Slow but grow Is better than Fast but all 'hampas'!

10WP : Snow

White,cold But I can't play the ski Hazeline Snow

10WP: The last remaining blood

Awake the last remaining blood for the sake of Islam!

10WP: Sugar Daddy

Money, glory, sex in the city. All For your honey.

10WP: It's a Boy!

Here's our bundle of joy, 3.5 kg, It's a boy!

10WP: Due

Due on 12th November, will you be on time, dear?

10WP: Counting..

36 weeks and counting.. Baby when will you be coming?

10WP: Hurt

Sometimes we hurted the people we love, without meaning to.. (ni kire poetry ke

10WP: 212

I was transported to Mediterranean, only by sniffing your smell.

10WP: Sick

just a glimpse of your car had me grinning happily...

10wp: Think will not die.

Careless Think: Lie cannot die. Honesty think: Die cannot lie? Tabir Khaiz


He's nothing,but i'm crying. Cause it hurts loosing you.

10wp: Tell me

Why, do we still laugh after we discovered the truth?

10WP: Love You

I love you Love you Only you Just you YOU!

10WP : a stupid facebooks' a**hole..

knock knock it's still locked, knock knock you've been bl

10WP: River Thames

River Thames calming flow Soothes the riot of the soul

10WP: Water (Kap-sule Theme)

When my water broke, will hubby choke? will he joke?

10WP: Drain it (kap-sule theme)

stop crying, my dear for tears are very valuable water

10WP: She

she is a hopeless romantic or not she is hopeless.

10WP: Don't Look Back

Run. Don't look back, For hatred is all you'll find.

UN-10WP: "Whiskey in the Jar"

"Stand and deliver or the devil he may take ya" -Thin Lizzy

10WP: Bloodsucking

You are a leech, Makes me wanna screech. Oh sheeshh!

10WP: Betray

When I loved someone It ended up him betraying me.

10wp: Fly to Polaris

We cry then we smile We smile then we fly... Tabir Khaizuran p/s: newbie

Translate: 10WP: Ramadhan (P10PP: Ramadhan)

It's Ramadhan. Activities slowed down. Where is everybody? Sleeping, maybe? Ori

10WP: Growling Tummy

Growl - Relax, That's only my tummy Remembering Allah During Ramadhan!

10WP : u can do it

Yesterday we regret, Today we learnt, Tomorrow we succeed..

10WP : soul

you dont have soul, you have body, you are a soul...

10WP: Cavity

Girl you are supersweet and extremely hazardous for lonely hearts

10wp: Lies

Filthy rich Outrageously handsome Guess what? That's obviously me baby

10WP : Haunted

Your last three words Keep haunting me To my death

10wp: Kill me

Your lies and false hopes kill me Iwon't mind

Translate: 10WP: Being together (P10PP: Bercinta)

Together for years, conquering fears, but it ends in tears.. Original post

10WP: time flies

Owh, its OK. time never flies when I'm with you.

10WP: Swingerie

credit Swing swing, Without proper bracket. Lumps swing, Fasting pahala plumme

10WP: While We Tango

Besame mucho while we tango; Hold me tight my hero.

10WP: Soon

To all the girls i've loved before, I'm Getting

10WP: smooch

here it goes Ben; I saw you, smooching your ex, I said "what the ?! " a

10WP: There, in the cold dark alley of life, beneath all the heavy boxes of struggle, jealousy, hope and dignity, is my pale, crumpled soul. I pulled it up, shook it hard and yelled....

"Things that don't kill me, will only make me stronger!!"

10WP: Perfect But Yet Paralysed

Whose child is that; Perfect sexy body With paralysed soul?

10WP: When no money...

Slurps, Simple to cook, Yummy, I love you, Maggi Mee. -ghotz- XP

10WP : Philophobia

Deny your feelings But my love you can't live without

10WP : apology

human figure define by the crux full of remorse for others

10wp : My Drug

Shes a drug. Im wasted. So high like a kite.

10WP : Junkyard

Nightmares and dreams, are like junks of unedited video shoots.

10WP: Will He?

I have love a man But will he loves me?

10WP: Important!

Important! Oxygen to blood Batteries to camera You to me.

10WP: a lie

to girls who smiled and cried this is a lie

10WP: S.P.O.W

Challenges, As it is, A non-ending drama, We called Life. g.hotz S.P.O.W = shor

10WP: D for .....

Despair. Devastate. Devote. Desire. Dance. Dream. Delicate name of love.

10WP: You Know What?

You know what? I freaking hate you. Go to hell.

10WP: Under The Banyan Tree

Lady of white Stood under the banyan tree at midnight. ...


sorry... i DON'T love him i'm IN love with him :)

10WP: This is Why

I hate stupid love stories they hold meaningless, empty promises

10WP: Bugger

Charlie, Charlie Im so sorry but honey Youre bugging me!

10WP: why

if this is a goodbye, why did not i cry?

10WP : Epidemic

This campaign is driving us insane This madness is epidemic!

10WP : Fake

Dolls are staring at me Eyes filled with fake personality

10wp : T,K,H,L

Sweet, girl, cute, pearl, YOU Touch, kiss, hug, love ME.

10WP: Void

The leaves are whispering Your name Ever since you've left

10WP: Enough

Don't trample my heart That's already been broken By yours

10WP : We were lovers

My heart Doesn't know That it's over We were lovers

10WP: Flesh

I take that flesh in me And fly to paradise.

10wp - Just for fun

Knock Knock Knick Knick Knuck Knuck here is your ten words

10wp - not funny

Knock Knock who's there what the heck with this joke hahahah....seriously tak

10WP - I am here

Red Carpet Round of applause Zhenny back for a good cause.....

10wp - bitter pill

against will swallow piles of sleeping pill makes effective kill against will s

10wp - in time

in time white snow melt and reveal the dirt beneath in time white snow melt and

10wp - whisper

i whisper to the wind tell the jester that u win i whisper to the wind tell the

10WP - Life

vicious cycle of life stab your heart like a knife vicious cycle of life stab y

10wp : doubt

twinkle twinkle glorious star how i'm doubtfull what you are twinkle twinkle gl

10WP : ---|---

when wisdom lead emotion dead allow emotion lead wisdom dead when wisdom lead

10WP : The new term

illogical define the new logic unacceptable reveal new tales magic illogical de

10wp : There's there

in between madness, then you find ingenious there's there greatness in between

10WP : Torn and Trapped

torn between love and hate trapped between foe and mate

10WP : Ten kisses

ten kisses come with the roses for my lovely Mrs.

10WP: Beautifully Stained

Whose beautiful eyes are those; Stained by thick bloody tears?

10WP: Thank you

For everything you've done for me, I thank you, hubby..

10WP : Beautiful

Powerful as you are I am more beautiful Than you

10WP : what love make u?

love does not make u an angel neither a devil

10WP: Profile Picture [ft. Rizzy]

only you the sweetest profile picture of my heart forever. Ca

10wp : You Decide!

Love me, hate me, Trust me, leave me, You decide !!

10WP : buzz

Nothing so eloquence as our mind elevate lie as truth.

10WP Burned

Smokes of the dried leaves float with all vanished hopes

10WP: One Million

You Who wears Paco Rabanne Is one in a million

10WP: Night Flight

Flight to Fairytale Land Is taking off soon. Good night.


Aqua Lily; fragrance of confidence! the beauty of charming fairy.

10WP: Name

hello dear, my name is well none of your business!

10WP: Turn that frown upside down

life knocks you down, but eventually it picks you up

10WP: Seek and you shall find

There's that serene glow, The one I've been looking for

10WP: What do you see?

There's something in his eyes, That beckons me to look...

10WP: Hell

She said go to hell! I replied back; Ladies first!

10wp : Our Love

These ten words are not enough to explain Our love.

10WP: To All The Boys

to all the boys i've liked before, thanks a lot!

10WP: to own

Please leave me alone! your heart i wish to own

10WP: so sublime

my love is blind lightreached her mind sosublime

10WP: something nothing

Life is when leaving is something when staying isnothing

10WP: Acknowledgement

I need to know what I don't know to know

10WP: What Makes It

Soot oil drawer mat receptors antenna; components of a kitchen.

10WP: Meet me.

Jazz, lipstick Coffee, cigar. Waiting for you in the boudoir.

10WP: He

He, who conquered my heart, planted seed in my womb.. Yeaahhhh ke-tigahh~!! ta

10WP: The Shine of Love

shine my name brightly. you'll have love in heart automatically. Cahaya Keka

10WP : Marry me

Marry me I have everything except a future without you. apunpital 10WP august

10WP: Ex

Dear Ex, Thanx for hurting me. Now I'm truly happy. (Yoshh penyertaan kedua. Ta

10WP: Other Significant

In you, I find the other significant part, .of me P/S: Dalam hati ada taman,

10wp : Cry Cry Lie Lie

Cry cry Lie lie NOW is all I care. Love.

10WP: Black Orgasm

Rising up dear, because this black orgasm need a tears

10WP: A Way To Kill

Frozen blood clogging vein Heart stops. Congratulation, a soul killed.

10WP: Procrastination

Procrastination, please stop haunting me.. I want to break free!

10WP: perfume

your perfume throbbed my heart; till death do us apart.

10wp: Forgive

We forgive but not forget, Move forward never look back

10wp: Filth Feet

we feed on their feet we breathe on their filth

10wp : Crumbs

She lives, on crumbs of pastlove wreckage. wake up.

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