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.: heart :.

One whole year and four years.
Wind ( Bayu)

this heart belongs to me

love to laugh, love to cry

love to make people smile

try hard to pass each day by

to ignore all the sadness that\'ve made it cry

belongs to a person

but wished to be shared

by other special person

that\'s hard to compare

one will never see it through

as it\'s shield with a spell

whoever can touch it can see it well

so behold my love

you have to give the best of you

to have me and my love

is not a simple thing to do

shall i wish you good luck

and a prayer for your relief

be a better person my love

put your heart into this



*2010-07-28 17:32:48

** after 3 years baru nak ikut saranan paktam85 ngan Njay....bagus angah (ufufu~) 

One whole year and four years.
Wind ( Bayu)

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