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Wind ( Bayu)

.: heart :.
Worldly Kings

The wind sings
extinguishes my loneliness
whispering into my ears
breaking down the screaming sadness
that conquers the heart for miserable time

I really understand the wind
but I can never touch the inner side
the meaningful melody
the heart alcove will stand still
when you sing your song
my dear wind

But when I needed you most
why don’t you present dancing move
I am reliefs when you are around
but now you are gone
how could my feet follow your steps?

Did I had make mistake?
have I done sin to you?
your melody my imperturbable
am I loss right now?
loss with love towards you

and dertermine to suffer because of you.

My wind
I will always stand still hoping that
you will always be around
singing the melody from the other side for me

.: heart :.
Worldly Kings

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Nian Adika

Hiduplah bagai gobok usang penuh isi! adanya memberi robohnya ditangisi!
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