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Silent Thought

Best part of me
Shall I do?

I can

Forget how he made me smile without saying a word

Forget how he pulled me close so I’d feel protected at night; through needy times

Forget how he would call and say I love you and hang up and do it again; again

Forget how he took my hand and promised he’d never break my heart

Forget how he surprised me with a dozen roses every month

Forget how he really smeels so good even through all day long

Forget how he walks really slowly to catch me mumbling bout him

Forget how he talks and the way his voice sounds on the phone

Forget how many nights I cried myself to sleep thinking he’s my life.

Forget how he never did anything right, but it was always near perfect.

Forget how he called me princess and treat like ones

Forget how everything the rest of the world said, telling me to move on.

Just forget I said.

I'm pretty sure he has.

Best part of me
Shall I do?

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