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Sixteen Confessions - Part 1


When I was sixteen
you were the one who caught my eye
you came in to my school
was the day we first
say hi

Its only been a week
I was about to make a move
but you shut the door
and lock your heart
so I'm left behind
confused, don't know
what I'm gonna do next

you walked away
and settled down
but I'm still in the blue
that time
I was way of my mind
too dumb to say I missed you
from time to time I still say 'Te amo'.
when you're not around

Just wished you were that only one
but instead you're the one that got away
then again and again 'Te amo'
let it stay this way.


-Nafis Firman-



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about the writer

Nafis Firman Nur'Qalbu

a mere person who seeks acceptance from the eyes of society.. a brother, a believer, soon to be successor but soon to be dead & gone. I see freedom in confinement I find chances within hardships and I make things work when Its obviously broken. New, but aint yet improved. Saya budak baru belajar, dan akan belajar selama-lamanya. Whats the magic word? oh yes, Thank You :)
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