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Streams, Dreams & Attaining Peace

Stranded, he dwells, his eyes swell, feeling malnourished and unwell,

A world of thorns dictated by a group of psychopaths,

Envisioned by cruel and adulterous people,

His burden, burns, he laments and earns,

A test at life, a life of test, a test of tests,

A testament of detest, addressed and despised,

A statement of resentment,

A frail hand, a risky track, turmoil path,  

Affinity to the self, sympathy to the self,

The light beckons, while the restrained motions subtle,

A hand beckons, addressing his emergence,

While the other holds his hands and deviates his advent,

The struggle—even when he sleeps, commence,

Feels forsaken, he knows he is mistaken,

A soul devoid of depth, he failed to feel,

Dimensions upon dimensions,

Stoic, mystic, spirituality, sanctity,

Help! Perhaps it was a mistake?

Did I dwell within too deep?

No matter.


Regardless of the pain, the stain, the ingresses of disdain,

Regardless of anything,

Rise and fly without any imperfection,

For the soul is attracted to purity and sincerity,

Truth and love and beauty,

For love is the guide,

Love the compass,


Love, the direction.

Streams, Dreams & Attaining Peace

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Often seen as cold, bitter and distant but in reality is cool, sweet and not very distant..haha Sometimes I feel like saying what Kierkegaard said, People understand me so poorly that they even dont understand my complain about them not understanding me. On the other hand often I assume of understanding people i guess its a given or an irony or something else..depends on how you see it..
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