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Streams, Dreams & Attaining Peace


Wars, tyranny, cigarette smokers and mutiny,

Here I am in the black hole of destiny,

Here I am wondering—on the life I am living,

Why this feeling?

A fleeting,

Smooth sailing into a state of wailing,

Eyes straining from the hearts heavy heaving’s,

Consequences of my misdeeds and misgivings?

All transgressing and churning, the stomach groaning,

I see some embracing, smiling and rejoicing,

I see some with sad eyes, hunger stricken and suffering,

Which one is more appealing?

Though, when I think of those who only knew a life of suffering,

How can I not be pleased and grateful about my life?

However discouraging it may seem,

Though, it still makes me strain when I see tyrants over powering and reigning,

The world subjugated by unfair ruling,

However time is fleeing, I have lived for so many years,

Yet it feels like I have only lived in glimpses,

May the suffering of the world, finish in instances,

As for me sometimes I drown into distractions,

Temporary and meaningless diversion,

In the end it is always comes back to commotions,

May flowers blossom,

May the earth be filled with joyful eyes,

A world with no oppression,

No sadness and depression,

Mother and child in contentment,

No worries and hefty burdens,

They call me a fool for affiliating the world to the heavens.

Though is it not more of a pleasant depiction?











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Often seen as cold, bitter and distant but in reality is cool, sweet and not very distant..haha Sometimes I feel like saying what Kierkegaard said, People understand me so poorly that they even dont understand my complain about them not understanding me. On the other hand often I assume of understanding people i guess its a given or an irony or something else..depends on how you see it..
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