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in loving memory

28th Sunrise
pekan (semestinya bukan kata nama am)

i dreamt of us yesterday; headbanging
in the middle of nowhere.
where the skies were grey
and the grasses were all black.
you slipped your drumsticks in the pocket, behind.
while eating your beef burritos,
i spilled my bowl of cheerios.
and we laughed.
i miss that smile.
and i cried.

as we jumped on the trampoline,
while headbanging.
you took out your drumsticks,
from your pocket behind.
mocking your favorite drummer,
and i pretending slamming a bass guitar.
listening to our song on your playlist;
played through the stereo we bought
on our first anniversary.
i cried hard.

then i saw your favorite shirt
and your camo pants,
hung on the wall,
with dripping blood.
i cried hard.
she took you from me.
you had died when she
stole your heart from mine.
you had gone at our last unofficial goodbye.
i cried.

i knew you're not one of her option.
i knew you're not her first choice.
i  knew she will abandon you 
like the others before.
and all i did is just cried.
it knocked me real hard.
i cried in silent tears.
it really breaks my heart.
i was nothing but just a deceased soul.

in loving memory of you, little prince of mine
and I
your rebel secret lover.

cheers, to loving memory of us. --demi kita; dan harapan. 

(April 11, 2K15)


28th Sunrise
pekan (semestinya bukan kata nama am)

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monSter L

rabun. belasan. kurang ketinggian. menulis tika galau. melukis bila dibebani tekanan. makanan terapi paling ideal saat marah. 
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