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Translate: gratifide and sorrow

i\'m losing the tones for songs not yet in tunes all notes and rhythms blown by

Translate: The Nuts are doomed

Doomed! The nuts are doomed! Exit the throat! The pharynx! Into oesophagus they

Translate: Evaporated!

That ticking clock in my belly Disintegrated! It went folly! Swirled into the ab

TRANSLATE : Counting Sheeps (Hitung Biri-Biri)

Counting sheeps When its hard to fall asleep Counting sheeps Just to forget the

Translate: 10WP: Ramadhan (P10PP: Ramadhan)

It's Ramadhan. Activities slowed down. Where is everybody? Sleeping, maybe? Ori

Translate: 10WP: Being together (P10PP: Bercinta)

Together for years, conquering fears, but it ends in tears.. Original post

Translate: I shall try (P10PP: Cuba)

A poet I am not, but courage I got, So write I ought. Original entry

Translate: Playing Chess with Jean ( Bermain Catur dengan Jean)

"let's play chess!' asked Jean with a gushing breath! Her Knighthigh in the air

Translate: Dream Gulp (Menelan Angan)

I wish All my sins to vanish And I hope My faith grows to the top Exit the earl

TRANSLATE : The Wagon Of Morons (Gerabak Sontoloyo)

Here, Its better to stay quiet Nodding your head in agreement is always recommen

TRANSLATE : The Mad Ant (Semut Gila)

Sitting here, It always feel so lonely Of course, shouldnt it be? At this type o

Translate: Picking Stars (Memetik Bintang)

i won't be able to pick the stars but my hands won't scratched trying anyway

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