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M.O.N.E.Y. is a fullstop (.)

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Dear Diary
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One day, when the sun brightly smile while my heart gloomy felt inside. Keep on thinking about a null relationship between money and friendship.Well, what are the significants of these two things? Let's check it out!

~What is : M.O.N.E.Y?

#Well, i can say it is a medium.

~What do you mean by 'that medium'?

#A medium to do a transactional; as well...

#Just keep on thinking, how can money and friendship being connected?

~I guess through manipulation?

#What does it means?

~Well, people gone crazy because of money!

#Yeah, you got da point!

~But in a friendship; what is the importance of money?

~Is it the opportunity cost for friendship?

#For me it is not!



~Then how far do you believe other people will response to it?

#I dunno. what do you think?

~Neither i understand. But, is this 'M.O.N.E.Y' just a subtitude for the trust?Or did it equivelence to  a friendship?

#For me; it is something that i can not measure up.

#So, there is no answer to it...

#This dialouges is empty.

#Full stop.

#Hey! why did you scroll it more?

#I just say it; it is a fullstop.

#Money is a fullstop.

Things going uncertain. That's true. With that, I should trash away all those stupid friendship and rubbish principles I kept. Money and friendship has a relationship but just in between bacause this is a concept. What i believe do not same as what others do. I can say it is a blame! Money is a fullstop!

It stop and crach up friendship. Thats it! Money is a fullstop!

Fullstop (.)

Previous short story:
Dear Diary
Next short story:
Daddy , Give me the light

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