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Daddy , Give me the light

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M.O.N.E.Y. is a fullstop (.)
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Mia opened up her eyes



Mama, where are you …why it is so dark…


Im here baby


Mama, why is it so dark mama, did the light blow out again ?


Shhhh, sweetie…why don’t you close your eyes and let me sing you a tune….






Mia open her eyes again



Mama, mama where are your ?


I am right here my sweetie


Mama, it still dark…cant you call the electrician like last time

They will fix everything


I will sweetie, why don’t you close you eyes again





Again Mia open up her eyes…



Mama, I am scared , where are you…its too dark ..


I am here sweetie , let me hold your hand, I am right here with you


Mama , where is daddy…I want daddy


Mia , daddy is here princess….


Daddy, the light blow again is so dark…and I am scared, im afraid of the monster…


Mia…let daddy hug you…but please close your eyes…everything will be fine




Finally Mia cant close her eyes anymore...but still...darkness surround her


Daddy dady, where are you…im really scared…please daddy


Daddy ,daddy now I remember the torchlight you hold

Why do you hit me with it , I just want to draw our picture on the wall…I promise I wont do it again…

Let me see again daddy….please daddy…turn on the light

Daddy , I want to see

Why is it so dark…daddy please…….!!!....i want to see….its so dark….



There is nothing else that Azmir can do apart of shedding tears….its all too late………..

Previous short story:
M.O.N.E.Y. is a fullstop (.)
Next short story:
Time To Say Love

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