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The Ragged Doll

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Time To Say Love
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This shall be the end, friend

she lifted her head slowly, oblivious to her surroundings
all she can see was the pedestal raising so high above her
she did not know why she was thrown away or exactly when
only when she tasted the hard, cold earth on her bare lips that she knew
'this is it'

the ragged doll tried to move all of her limbs but only few responded
and her heart, oh her beautiful heart was ever so broken
the sharp pieces ripped through her ragged body
she fought back a large oval tears and forced her body to crawl
not knowing where to go, only knowing not to stay

i had one master, only one master in my life
now he's playing with another doll, i do not know who
i do not even know why
but am i not a ragged doll
feel this cushioned head, cushioned hands
i am not supposed to be hurt nor broken

it's fairly ironic though that this pain that almost cost me my life
made me feel almost human

it was not funny at all though that i could not speak
no words shall be heard from me
not in front of his face, not in front of her face, not even in front of my own
alas, was not i but a painted doll
with this sweet lips and tearless face
i shall not give but the bravest smile

while no one would ever know why i am smiling, anymore

no, do not fix me for i am not broken
i am only a ragged doll
at least let me be one
no, do not apologize
i should have known that i shall be forgotten


Previous short story:
Time To Say Love
Next short story:
This shall be the end, friend

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about the writer

Ungku Laila Hanna Binti Ungku Mohsin

im your best kept secret and your biggest mistake
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