my name is pratab


1. Hello, my name is Pratab. I'm a good friend of the author in this blog. He seems quite a nice guy. I suppose I had to thank him for giving this opportunity to share my stories in his blog.

2. To tell you the truth, I was quite reluctant to share my stories. This is because I'm quite shy. But he has been encouraging me to share my talents so that it could inspire people. I guess I'm quite flattered by his invitation. He told me I have very nice stories to tell, and admittedly I do have some.

3. Some people told me I live up to my name. I don't know why, maybe it has got to do something with a story in which I'll share shortly.

4. Some time ago, I met this girl in a club that I've always go to. This is the club to check out hot chicks. The live band played great music, and the DJ i suppose it's okay. It's always full and packed, especially during pay days and weekends. Fridays and Saturdays are definitely the best time to come. When the DJ spin their songs, the ladies come up to the dancefloor and shaking their ass in the most fashionable movement.

5. I can say I was quite lucky because every time I hit the dancefloor, chicks were always around me and I'll be fronting them all the time. There's one occasion where this chick cheekily slip up her hands into my pants. What a welcoming gesture. I couldn't ask for more even though I should.

6. Coming back to this girl I referred to earlier, she was different. She doesn't dance that much, only when her favorite tune is up. She looks fantastic, especially with purple tube and ass fitting jeans. She has the nicest ass, as round as a teacup. I wanted to say hye to her but as I'm a very shy person, I had to withdraw the intent.

7. Luckily my paycheck is today. I opened a Chivas bottle to get started. Couple of shots and I'm already loose. I gained some confidence. Then I approached her.

8. Strangely, she approached me. She was fidgeting. I think she was drunk. She asked me whether she can join for a drink and dance with her. How lucky can I get. It's like orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal. At that time it was only 215 am and I got the whole time with her.

9. Even though she's drunk and fidgeting, she doesn't look that bitchy, or cheap. She was very in control of herself, she spoke excellent English, and very cultured. She was not definitely the kind of rempit chick you met in a cheap disco. I'd guess she must be educated. Educated chicks are hot, especially when they're loose. I have the hots for them.

10. Eventually we drank and danced. She knows her moves and know how to groove with the music. Our chemistry was excellent, and we danced it's as though nothing cared. Stopped checking out other chicks and all I can focus to was her. Time passed really fast.

11. We got really hot, and I'd guess she felt the same way too. I asked her if she's going anywhere after this, but then she replied that she had to sent her friends home. I was quite disappointed in a some way, but that was okay. Nevertheless I gave my cell number in case she wanted to call me.

12. I was quite tipsy, but I was in control. The clubs were about to close and I managed to finish up my bottle. I decided to head back home but before that, I want to have a short coffee with my mates.

13. Suddenly, as I was approaching my car, she was there. I hardly believed that she parked next to me. She opened her window, and asked me if I wanted to have some coffee with her. She somehow canceled sending her friends back as they had other plans. So I decided to ride with her , obviously. Furthermore, she drives a nice car. A myvi. What a practical car.

14. I offered her to drive her back and she agreed. Upon our way back, we were already kissing all over in her cute myvi and we just had to finish it. The automatic transmission really helped because I can concentrate my hands to somewhere else. This is a really practical car.

15. She asked me if there's any place to crash. I replied that I may be have one, but she just had to follow me. So I brought her to my bedroom and continued our unfinished business in multilateral positions. Top, down, left and right I geosteered her in any angle possible. And then, in one particular position that has kind of, interested me. It was just any typical doggy position, except with the 'tab', 'tab' sounds as I went faster. Then I got kind of inspired which has changed my life and I said to her:

'Tab, tab, tab, my name is Pratab...'.

I'd guess that's when I started to like my name.

hehehe.. cheers..

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  • 1) err... you rendered me speechless. i dont know what to comment. huhu..
  • 2) "jo, jo, jo, my name is jojo"

    mmm.. what position shld i use? :D

  • (Author)
    3) i've encountered this blog stating this interesting quote, "Aku nak jojos awek ni.." hehe.. interesting application. What kind of interpretation you would have is entirely up to you.. cheers..
  • 4) hahaha, say thanks to the blog writer wan. jojo is a verb already eh? :p
  • 5) >er.....

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