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mankind's greatest achievement

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1. It has not been raining in the klang valley for the past 2 days. It has been hot. In fact, bloody hot. I've been around town and managed to found that the peak temperature has been up to 34 degrees centigrade. 


2. What sins have I done to deserve this. Not only I was sweating like a dog, it has also spoiled my new armani exchange shirt and jeans I've bought. Now I've got to wash it again. 


3. Malaysia is a tropical country. It's a hot and humid country that rains almost everyday. It's like London, but a bit cooler. But for the past few years it has been not only hot that is centigrades closer to hell.


4. If the temperatures in near future raises up to 38 degrees, this would pose a fatal problem. Enzymes would deactivate at this temperature and stops functioning. Death would be so close that you won't realize it. Anyhow, it'll be a good thing. More people dying means less traffic. And that means I can go to work faster, and I can do my errands without facing the congestion ordeal. 


5. This is what we had to face in pursuit of development. This is the sacrifice we had to undertake so that we can have what people termed it as "civilization". You can't have everything.


6. From here, I can sum it up that mankind's greatest achievement is not the invention of wheel. Nor fire, electricity, airplanes, or such. Mankind's greatest achievement is making the world a hotter place. From a geological context, this is the kind of achievement that would have prevented the next Ice Age.

Previous short story:
my name is pratab
Next short story:
Run, Hilda Run!

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