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fish being complete

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a case of being selfish
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1. I'd say, fishbeing complete. Why do we have to be complete. Why do
we do what we do in the first place. Is it fishing reasonable to do so.
Yeah, maybe money or material, but does that complete yourself ?

I've been thinking, why do we have to work hard and save money ? To
save up to for a respectable wardrobe ? I've been doing all these
while, and I did have a respectable wardrobe. CK shirts, armani
exchange jeans, and I realized what fishhave I been doing all these
while. Why do I need all these ? I had full 3 weeks of wardrobe filled
with Zara, but what in hell do I need them for? Who am going to impress

3. I guess that all these while I've been misled of how I lead
myself. But then again, I have no regrets. In fact, it's good I've done
all these while to get where am I right now. I would have correlated
that we all had to learn the hard way. People naturally learn the hard
way. It's generally hard to change an attitude. God sent 22 or maybe 23
, oh I don't know, prophets to set people's fishing attitude straight.
That's how difficult changing attitudes are.

4. Maybe, just
maybe it's just worth if the purpose is worth doing fishingfor. I had
seen people working their fishing ass off to achieve their life dreams,
not just work dreams. I had a friend selling insurance for a living. It
was and still is not a pretty sight working in sales. Facing all kinds
of fished up people from all fishing walks of life is not a encouraging
attributes in selling. But it works somehow. He had made it, went out
from a fishing dead-end telemarketer and became a fishng made guy now.
He's cool. I can still recall, during the early days he was quite
having a fished up time to make his targets. I'd loan him some dough to
make ends meet. But it was quite an investment.

5. I would have
to say that it is hunger that makes you so alive. It's like having not
to fishfor a month, looking for a right opportunity to fisha girl's
brain off. It's the journey, not the destination that matters. It's
when we are incomplete, is where we are most alive in our life. It I
were just escaped a death incident, the next day my breakfast will be
the best breakfast ever in my life.

6. So stop saving for your
IKEA ideal living room, or bedroom or any fishing lampshade. I'd do
something else to make yourself even my hungrier than before. I don't
know what it is, but invest something that it will be worth fishing
for, at least for a lifetime.

7. So what am I looking for?
Distinguished RE ? Well, maybe . But i'm still looking. But perhaps it
would need some inspiration to seek it. Rather than just fishing stall
in front of the pc, i'd find inspiration elsewhere, banging a chick
would inspire me something. Who knows.

Previous short story:
a case of being selfish
Next short story:
A story about YB Dol

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