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Wonder Wander

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There comes a time when people entertain their thoughts and get carried away in a manner in which they shouldn’t get carried away with, accompanied by foolishness and doing so for the sake of wanting to discover…something, just anything. In hope of gaining a new revelation maybe… Only to realize that it was futile, impossible, out of bound and just confirming the latter. Here’s an example of such a thought:


The question arises; will one be happy or sad if he lives on forever? What would it feel like?


The innate personality of a man is to always adapt, recuperate and constantly in the struggle of making himself feel better than he did the previous second. That is the nature of man.


Will a person who lives in hell, one day get used to it and not feel as much pain?

And so, will a person who resides in heaven get bored of it and gain the slightest urge to get in to hell?


However, the inability of the mind to completely comprehend or to logically explain the meaning of ‘forever’ puts a halt into further poking into the idea.


Though it might appear as if we are going to live forever -- simply because we do not think of death, nevertheless certainly we know that it is anything but forever.


For now I guess, I’ll just have to pick a side. Surely one is better than the other.

Come to think about it, this whole so called, ‘rain of thoughts’ proves to be amazingly dumb and nonsensical… because when something with sense comes to mind like, For a split second of excruciating pain is enough to cause death… I do not wish to think of that kind of agonizing pain that could last for more than a mere few seconds, a minute, an hour, a couple of days, months or even years. Surely that’ll be like living in hell.


Having said that, the meaning of the word ‘forever’ becomes more comprehensible, So yes, in conclusion heaven wins and maybe It’s time to pick a side?






Previous short story:
TGOL : Part IV, About Arguments
Next short story:
chocolate wrapper.......

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Often seen as cold, bitter and distant but in reality is cool, sweet and not very distant..haha Sometimes I feel like saying what Kierkegaard said, People understand me so poorly that they even dont understand my complain about them not understanding me. On the other hand often I assume of understanding people i guess its a given or an irony or something else..depends on how you see it..
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