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Serenity: For The Love of Peace

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Have you ever look at someone face and feel serene?

It's almost like a blood rush to the head, distorting feeling but in pleasant manner. A rude awakening which inviting your inner feeling to dip in and you can't help to be peace with yourself.

And you think you feel something else. Something which make your eyes couldn't let go of watching that someone.

For a moment, you think you find love at first sight. You madly, deeply and crazily in love. You even convinced that that someone will be the one.

But, a disruption erupted (just like the one happened right now). You finally took your eyes of that someone. You flip over new pages of your life, you move one. Life goes on for what it takes, you gone through alot.

And when life couldn't be easy and throwing not only kitchen sink but the whole stove, cabinets and everything, you see that someone face again. Faster than a blink of eyes, your pain gone....a warm feeling seep through your vain. The rush, the distorted feeling came back! You're in heaven. You're at peace with yourself again. Now, even a big monster truck run over you, you'll feel nothing. You're genuinely euphoric!

You feel like holding it longer, but as experience and life thought you, the most beautiful thing is the most fragile thing. You weeping inside, like no other major crybaby ever did. Your selfishness struck a chord with your possessive instinct. NO, I DON'T WANT TO LET GO! PLEASE DON'T!

Then suddenly reality check-in your brain box. That someone face changed! That someone face no longer the face you used to feel serene. Was that delusion? Was I robbed of my sense?

You realize that you want to hold on longer to the feeling, not the face. You want to feel peace with yourself, to get excited over the love at first sight again (delusional...very delusional) and the euphoria!

Love....for once again showered your dry, forsaken heart wonderland! For that an instant of spark change you again. You want to believe that you could feel it again. I could change, I could be loved.

Have you feel like this lately?

Previous short story:
To Dream
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An IT practitioner by education, a planner by profession, a dreamer by nature. Im a contradiction of myself. Dont ask me to explain that. Savvy?
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