MONDAY, JULY 20, 2009


Salam Brother...

I am a mother who was born in a Muslim family,
But… in my youth, I was an agnostic, until someday…
When I was dying, I realized that I had to determine…
"In what way, did I want to be buried?! "
Then I started to need a religion.

The best way to decide which one of religion that you should learn to be your first religion in your life is your family’s religion.
Please learn it with all of your heart and confront it with your emotion and life then be honest to your self....

As long as you feel it friendly, peace and save…
That’s all yours.

One thing that cannot be denied…
We cannot choose; who, what, when, where and why we were born…
Anyhow… we are the risk taker of our life…
And we have our own unique way to/in taste something…
But …… the needs of the feeling about; friends, caring, loving and peace are the same in every pure innocent heart?

Here is my writing as my first TAUBATAN [Back to the right path]..



If I should come back to you

Please send me on a nice journey

That is as nice as when...

YOU presented me....

From the womb of decent mother..

In harmonious family



Cassia Malays

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