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The World.

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Nobody tells me love hurts.

What else to do? Nothing, I guessed. Maybe I can't find a definate answer as I see everything in a relative manner. Thus, I wish I was Dr. Manhattan which exist beyond the limit of time as he consider time as relative. Such a thing would be a distant dream for a mere mortal with an average I.Q like me so to live within the bound of space and time wouldn't be an option for me.

Time, the fourth dimension of our mortal being which offers only a one way path on a one way direction so to speak. The Dimension of X,Y and Z of our 3 visible dimensional existance can go in 2 direction. As we move to one point to another or just being static without moving, time never ceased. It is continously changing throughout the stages of our decay and beyond.

Metaphorically, time can be viewed as the chain which bounds our living world and we are all being pulled by it. Wealth was thought as the ultimate cure as it can offer us health, friendship, love and a little time considering we can have more holidays at our disposal. Yet, we consume as we need nourishment to survive and it consumes our wealth. Perpetually we decay and we need wealth to maintain it. A sick frail man will never enjoy his wealth for he is incapable of sport, sex or event have the minimal concentration to enjoy a movie. Live will be spent sleeping and the next day death will be knocking, "Hello Mr., your time is up!"

The world are bound by time to pursue it is like pursuing a shadow. A wonderful multicolored shadow with scented smell. Think carefully, this dimension of ours are like a harbour in which we are waiting for our boat to take us out to our destination. The boat captain will take us to a destination according to our behaviour while waiting in the harbour.

Worldly pleasures are like wicked Siren of the seas. We watched her beauty enticed us in the middle of the ocean, we would spend nights and days finding wood to make a boat. Finally, we start constructing a boat and sailed in search of that beautiful Siren. Weeks passed, none of our provision left for us to live another and all we see are the Siren singing far away from our boat. We moved closer and closer to her, yet she appeared to be further than it seems. Until one day, we are exhausted to no avail and the boat of death came to us. The captain said, " You wasted your time searching for worldly things, you are expected to stay in the harbour, but you are not there so you are without good grade only a report which told me of your escape and that will result a great penalty upon you."

In the end out of his disobedience for leaving the harbour, he was sentenced to a prison and a faraway island. There he faced an extreme punishment, he longed for the harbour and regrets himself to follow his desire in pursuit of the beautiful Siren.

The world bounded by space and time was like the harbour. The Siren was like pleasure of the world. Yes, most of us work hard to get the Siren, but hardly anyone strive live a better life near the harbour. Almost all of humanity busy making boats to get out of the harbour and set out in search of something better. The ultimate reality is that was the only island with the harbour. Only the captain with his ship can bring us to all of those other island. The captain pick up passangers from the harbour and those strayed away in the middle of the ocean.

A few questions came to my mind: Am I those who stayed in the harbour? Am I lost in the middle of the ocean? Or even worse, am I the one drowned beneath the ocean, dead?

Think about it.

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Nobody tells me love hurts.

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