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Nobody tells me love hurts.

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The World.
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Why do you want to know? Isn't it clear?
You are confusing me.
Yes, forgive me.
You know it all along.
I don't stand a chance?
Funny you should ask that.
I just want to know. So, don't I?
No chance. None. Absolutely no chance.
Fine. Watch me go.

I thought you said you were going.
I did.
But I see you ain't going anywhere.
You don't have to mock me.
Well I don't. Just don't stay.
Why not?
It is fruitless.
Is it?
So be it.
You are hurting yourself.
And why do you care?
I...You are stubborn.
You do care.

Oh, this is breaking my heart.
I know. I'm sorry.
Don't feel sorry for me. I hate it when you do that.
I'm sorry that I hurt you.
But you don't hurt me.
I don't?
I'm hurting myself. You said that.
Now you are punishing me?
No. You are not at fault.
But I still feel bad.
Then give me a chance.
I can't.
It's gonna be too complicated. Don't ask me like you don't know.
Yes. But can't we just face the complications?
Are you that ready?
Answer me.
You are not ready. Are you?


I didn't know it would be this painful.
I'm sorry.
I said, don't be! I don't need you to apologize.
I'm sorry.
Stop it! I'll cry.
And you will. This is killing you, I know.
Don't talk like you really know me.
But I do.
You are messing with my heart, you know that?
Don't hate me.
I don't. I can't. I hate myself.

Can I beg you?
How could you.
How could I what? Show you the truth? The truth that you yourself have known all along?
I want to be with you.
You don't. Accept it. You DON'T!
I do.
But you know that is impossible.
Says who?
Me and you, its going to be tough.
But me and you, we'll be happy. Ain't that enough?
Will we be happy?
There'll be obstacles. But I'm strong. We are strong. We can handle them.
You know better that that.
Will you ever have some courage?
Will you ever grow up?


I know it won't be easy.
It won't be.
And there are a lot we have to deal with.
Yes. More than we are prepared to.
But this feeling, how can I deny it?
You don't have to.
Tell me what I should do.
Move on, move forward. Cry if you must, but walk on.
Its easy for you to say.
But you know it, don't you? You've considered everything. Calculated every single possibility.
Yes. But I tell you, it hurts so much.
I know.
But if I stay, I'll hurt more.
I hate to admit that.
You want me to go?
You know that's the best. For you. For me. For us.
Then I'm going. I'll cry as I go. I'll cry in my sleep. My heart will be crushed and I'll take sometime to mend it. But I'll go.
You will. And you are not turning back.
No, never.




Previous short story:
The World.
Next short story:
Marlboro Man Part 1

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