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Of The Lion & The Lamb

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Of the Lion, and the Lamb.

Of course, nobody had lived to tell how it started. Nobody had seen it coming, no creature could predict this was happening. And at first, the Lamb herself wasn't so sure. Whether it really was what she thought it might be, love, or merely an illusion. But then it really was something.

And so, the Lion fell in love with the Lamb.

Different as they were, they kept along well. The Lion did not eat the Lamb, which she took as a sign that he loved her well. And enough. She tried giving him justice, by loving him back. She had to try hard, because she was abound with confusion. And insecurities as well. Lions and lambs and crows and pigs, and more, in a place that seems to hold a dynamic ecosystem. That's where this story began.

It was the most beautiful and sweetest thing that could ever be witnessed, acted out by two different breed.

The harder part of this story came a little bit later, when they were free to go to their own kinds. Once in two blue moons, they could communicate. By this time, though, the poor Lamb was confident that they might just make it. She relied on memories of their past, when they see each other every other day. The Lion, in return, made her feel wanted, and loved.

This ain't any fairytale for the two of them anyway. Things started to change. The Lion, being surrounded by other lions and lionesses, acted like a lion and worse, treated the Lamb like a lioness that would readily understand. Once or twice the Lamb did try to understand, and to impress the Lion, but to no avail. She considered things. She has to let go of him. Lambs of every kind agreed that she would have to cut things to an end. But she never did.

She knew it would be painful. Because she has been there, in a world where her Lion no longer exist, or so she thought. She wept and cry as she wait for news from her Lion, waiting every second, not knowing whether he was still breathing or not. And literally, every minute that passed felt like ten lifetimes. She kept imagining things in her head, weighing out each and every one of it. If the Lion survived, she'll be the happiest person ever. If things went wrong, nothing would be right again. She shudder at that thought. No, she could not live like that. A world without the Lion, is a world almost without future. She cannot imagine how long would Time take to make her the same Lamb again. She cried shamelessly, and that's when she found out that she was somehow attached, if not in love, with the Lion.

None of the other lambs would understand why she would hang on to the idiotic Lion. But she knew why. Letting go of the Lion might do him no harm, none at all, for the Lion never seems to care anymore, but it was her soul that would be broken. So it doesn't matter if the Lion no longer was the same Lion from before, who fell in love with her, make her laugh, said the sweetest things every time and left marks on her heart for every single day they spent together, because she knew she had fallen. And it takes all her strength to deny the truth. So she won't bother, not now.

Her decision to be the stupid Lamb, abandoned and loved conditionally, is for her own selfishness, and cowardice. She is too chicken to try to live without her other half.

Previous short story:
Stories of the past
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What a Mess!

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