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My Tomorrows

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Tomorrow - the day after today. There's a lot of unfinished work in tomorrow. When a teacher defers his lecture today, it will be performed tomorrow or another tomorrow. Failure. Failed to be accomplished. Most of us believed; "Procrastination is a thief of time." In tomorrows, we have dreams, dreams to be grasped.

I have mountainous dreams to be fulfilled. My own dreams. I hope that tomorrow, after I wake up from bed, my dreams will come true. A rich guy of handsome looking traits, uttering "you're mine" to me. He cares about me, before anything. I limit my rights to spendthrift, I dearly love him. I won't demolish his loyalty, just because of money. Though I am owning his properties, I won't let him leave me, whatever happens.

Tomorrow - I'm an English Teacher. Extremely sophisticated. Wearing proper attire accordingly to the day. They are having a bee on their bonnets towards me, all the time. Calm, hospitable, persevered and caring; best describe me in school. A teacher more than a friend, is me.

Dreaming of becoming a re-known philosopher, my insurmountable qualified philosophies will be shared with others around the globe. They are ruminating me, and make me feel proud to change their thinking. I remembered reading Law, where I practised the Law of Attraction in anyhow of my daily life. It covers our positive sides, where, what you think will happen.

Tomorrow - I'm a mother of three. The apples of my eyes, my inspiration and love.A Caring and a democratic mom, whom is nominated as their greatest influence in life. "Mom, you're the best of all," is heard everyday.

Tomorrow - I'm a friend in need. My advices, my hilarious jokes, my sad stories and my visions, will inspired them to keep in touch with me, forever. I suit them right, I give them warm thoughts and the consequences of bad doings. "A friend in need is a friend indeed".

Tomorrow; brings special action of mine today. I want to seize my tomorrow with determination and sincerity. I've dreamt of tomorrow, every moment of today. If I could grab all the tomorrows as easy as ABC, it means, my tomorrow is gone. "Tomorrow is a dream, make it possible....." Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow~

Loves, ball.


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about the writer
Hi,  I am Balqis Mohd Yusoff, Im from Gombak... Currently, Im a B.Ed TESL student at uitm shah alam. Hope to gain more knowledge here! Kapasitor rocks!!
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