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alphabet of love

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A is for the 'Ah' sound I made upon learning your name

B is for the boyish charm I see in you

C is for the chemistry we have with each other when we talk

D is for the depression I felt when you ignore me

E is for the emotions that I hide from you

F is for fighting the urge to fall in love with you

G is for grinning like crazy(on the inside) after spotting your car

H is for this hopeless one-sided love. Hating it...

I is for ignoring your constant teasing when you intentionally try to pick a fight with me

J is for this jealousy in me when you talk and laugh with other girls

K is for keeping it all bottled up inside and trying to move forward

L is for listening to your voice without turning to look

M is for this madness of being lovestruck

N is for the 'No's I told myself that we have no future together

O is for optimistic that I can forget about him

P is for praying for an answer to this heart's dillema

Q is for questions about his identity from my friends

R is for reasons why I like him in the first place

S is for silencing my friends with a warning glare at the mention of trying to play match maker

T is for the times I almost blurted out that I like you

U is for the umptenth times when your comments made me glad that I didn't tell you

V is for this void of loneliness

W is for wishing that I didn't have this feeling in the first place

X is for the x-ray that'll show my broken heart

Y is for yeah, I'm a drama queen. So what?

Z is for zoning in and out of Lala land as I type all this down


Previous short story:
For World Peace : An Anecdote
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i wish my life was a musical...i'm waiting for the people around me to break into a song anytime soon.oh yeah, and they can dance pretty well.
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